Friday, September 17, 2010

"I always knew there is a little divide between

Springfield and Joplin, especially with Congressmen that come from Springfield. People in the Western end of the district are worried that we won't represent the western end" Billy Long, Joplin MO, September 8, 2010
Quite often, in speeches he gives down in the Joplin area, Auctioneer/congressional candidate Billy Long says, "..I always know there is a little divide between Springfield and Joplin especially with Congressmen that come from Springfield. People in the Western end of the district are worried that we won't represent the western end..." Long make that comment starting about 2:45 into this video clip.

(Billy doesn't talk about that when he's speaking to folks on the eastern side of the district. Does he talk about this when he's speaking to the folks up in Polk county? I don't know. I don't know what he tells the tea partiers down in Branson.)

What DOES Long mean when he says that? Does this mean Long believes that previous Congressmen from the Springfield area did not represent Joplin and the southwest area of the state? He may be alone in that sentiment. The Joplin Globe wrote in an August22, 2010 editorial (("Issues Do Matter,We're Fed Up With Fed Up"):

But part of the reason Southwest Missouri received federal funding is because Rep. Roy Blunt was an experienced politician. We pay federal taxes, so it’s only fair that we get some of those back.
Ah jeez, Billy, words have meanings.

Speaking of experienced politicians, or, as the auctioneer/candidate likes to call them, career politicians*, Duane Graham, who lives over in the western end of the 7th District, has a question for Billy:
Billy, your opponent Scott Eckersley has said if he is elected, he will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Will you pledge not to vote for John Boehner, if you and your party win?
Huh, Billy?

*from Long's website: "We're Fed Up with a small, out of touch group of career politicians who think they know more about how to run this nation than the people who elected them."


Timeshare Jake said...

Billy's one of those Young Guns now, but how will he explain that $1000 campaign donation to his new friends?

Anonymous said...

He was referring to Mel Hancock not doing anything for the entire district, just like Billy plans to do.

Anonymous said...

6:34.....Boy you are right about that. mmmmmmmmmMel was about a weak as pond water for eight years.

He only paid attention to those who had already made it and was only interested in protecting their wealth.

Makes you wonder about Billy Long. About the only people he associates with are the upper crust and Washington D.C. is a target rich environment.

Wild Bill Hickup said...

The only reason Billy even knows there is a Joplin Mo is because Exit 1 is downstream.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, Billy, Billy I have a question!

Does your stomach start right below your chin or what? I mean, I was looking at your picture on that Youtube and it looks like your belly starts right straight below your chin.

Okay, I have another question Billy. Where is your neck?

Okay, one more and I'll hush, I promise Billy. How far is it between your eyes? My brother, he thinks he knows it all, he says, "he's twelve inches between the eyes!". Is he right? Are your eyes really twelve inches apart?