Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Do Auctioneers Talk Fast? So The Bidders Won't Have Time To Think About It.

Why do auctioneers talk fast? Mike Brandly cites several reasons-- tradition, economy, the 'yes' factor.

The 'YES' factor? Brandly writes:

As David Palmer, Ph.D, CPA, notes:

“Fortunately, people often say ‘yes’ or agree with requests out of mindless compliance, they are frequently willing to say ‘yes’ automatically without thinking first. It makes their lives simpler and smoother.”

Mindless compliance? How could someone cause someone else to act out of mindless compliance? I think the answer is, “don’t give them a lot of time to think about it.” I’ve discussed with auctioneers all over the United States, and there does seem to be agreement that we talk fast to give the bidders less time, “to think.”
Sound familiar?

If A + B = C ...

A= Auctioneers talk fast to cause someone else to act out of mindless compliance.

B= Billy Long is an auctioneer.

C= Billy Long and his handlers don't have a very high opinion of the voters of the 7th District.


The CDM said...

Hey BP,

Another reason is so they can later "Spin the Axis". Admit it, you like that one.

Timeshare Jake said...

Billy Long doesn't take the time to even breathe in his campaign stump speeches. It's all about filling time with filler and not a whole lot of political discussion.