Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Straight From The Horse's Mouth:

When you get information from the horse's mouth, you get it from someone who is involved in it and knows a lot about it.

Consider these recent stories:

From the St. Louis Beacon 09.17.2010: Blunt, Democratic group tangle over ad's reference to $1.5 million residential lot

In fact, Abigail Blunt formerly was a lobbyist for tobacco giant for Philip Morris but has not worked for them for several years. Her sole client is now Kraft Foods, which employs 2,000 workers in Missouri, a Blunt spokesman said.

From the St. Louis Today 09.25.2010: Ads in Blunt/Carnahan race are subject of legal threats
In a recent television ad targeting Roy Blunt, Democrats charged that the Republican Senate candidate's wife is a tobacco lobbyist and that he is building a million-dollar home in Washington.

Neither statement is true.

From the Springfield News-Leader 09.27.2010: Family attacks heat up Carnahan, Blunt Senate race
It described her (Blunt's wife) as "a powerful tobacco lobbyist" -- she once did lobby for Philip Morris tobacco but no longer does...


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