Monday, September 13, 2010

Today, On The Radio....

September 13, 2010

Nick Reed (Nick): Chuck in Springfield, thanks for waiting, you’re on One Oh Four One, KSGF, Springfield’s only news talk FM.

Chuck: Um, yeah, I was just going to say that I voted for, uh, Billy Long in the primary and uh,

Nick: Was it a tough vote for you? Or were you kinda like “I’m a Billy Long” guy?

Chuck: You know,

Nick: Or were you kinda up in the air?

Chuck: Um, no. I mean I was voting on local reputation.

Nick: Ok.

Chuck: And what I’d heard from him, you know, in the immediate prior month and I was pretty confident in the vote I cast and he’s absolutely, um, personally insured that I’m not going to vote for him.

Nick: What is it he,

Chuck: In November.

Nick: Based on, what is it for you that he’s done or hasn’t done that has led you this way?

Chuck: I had, uh, what keeps standing out in my mind is every time I hear their excuse making from his side I wonder how, how, is this how he’s gonna tackle the issues that are brought before him by, by the public and by his voting bloc? And if something comes up along the way that really isn’t his cup of tea or he’s uncomfortable with but the citizens are basically shouting out for him to do something over, what’s he gonna do? Just keep blaming other people for, you know, when dates and times don’t coincide. He either wants the job to tackle the issues or he doesn’t. And this is, this is just a debate, my God, it’s not like he’s actually in the office yet.

Nick: Chuck, thanks for the call, I appreciate it man.

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Anonymous said...

He's a right wing religious turd. I get the feeling lately he wants to tell his listeners to go out and kill Muslims but he can't say it on the radio. These guys on talk radio hint, hint, hint...the words are right on the tip of their tongues, they gotta hate someone and since it's not cool to hate women anymore they've moved on to...Mexicans last week, Muslims this week...on and on. They basically hate anything not white with a penis.

I'm betting he's a serial killer.

Republican - Hate Party