Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Long On Debates: Give Me Til The End Of The Week, We're Working On It, We Should Have A Schedule Announced.

At the end of the Billy Long Business Tour on September 7, 2010, the three members of the community present had an opportunity to speak with Billy Long, unscripted.

This portion, joined in progress, was free-wheeling with lots of overtalking and laughter. Billy and I set aside the laughter and did get serious when talking about the debates.

Jim Lee (JL): Billy, I will say this, and I am going to compliment you on this, is that

Billy Long (BL):: What!

JL: No, wait, this is, this was on private property

BL: I’m gonna sit down, wait a minute.

JL: This was on private property and I know that, that Roy Blunt and the Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t let some people into a meeting he had and, and you did.

BL: Oh, I

JL: I’m not being facetious either.

BL. No, I appreciate that, I know you guys are not on my side, I’m not afraid of anybody. Anywhere, anytime, you know

Female: But you know what, I don’t know

BL: I mean, Mike’s known me for years, I mean, I just visit with people.

JL: I bought a home from you fer gawd’s sake.

BL: Yeah.

Female: I’m just hoping you’ll think about these issues and not be bought off by big oil.

BL: If I wanted, you know and I hope you know, are you still recording this?

Female: No, I’m taking your picture though. (overtalking)

JL: Well, uh, I (overtalking)

BL: I hope you got a wide angle. (overtalking)

JL: Can I take a picture of you, it’ll probably be on my blog. (overtalking)

BL: No, let’s don’t take a picture. I’d hate to be on your blog. (overtalking)

Female: You look nice. (general laughter)

JL: All right, I will say that you were accessible.

Female: And we’re impressed.

JL: You were accessible.

BL: No, but uh, I can’t think of what I was gonna tell you right now. What was I gonna tell you?

Female: You were talking about how you were accessible, you knew that they might not be for you, but you…

Billy Long (BL): Yeah, you know, I’m, I’m

Female: You’re not afraid.

BL: I mean, you know, the other people can say whatever they want about me, you know, I won’t debate, I won’t do this, I won’t do that. I mean, to me, that’s goofy, you know. I mean when you come in and say we’re gonna do ten courthouse debates at high noon and we said ok, we’ll debate, let’s sit down and talk about the details. We walk in, he shoved a paper at us and said these are the dates and we say, no, we’re not gonna do that but let’s talk about, oh no, it’s that or nothing, my way or the highway, you know.

Jim Lee (JL): You know, that’s an old story, that’s yesterday’s news. Today’s news is you gotta

BL: Give me until the end of the week, we’re working on it,

JL: You gotta debate him.

BL: We should have a schedule announced.

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Anonymous said...

a republican insider said billy was going to drag his feet nd never debte

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jim!

And thanks for the requested info


Anonymous said...

I jumped to bus-plunge from the Turner Report. Wonder if you are going to review the movie, "winter's Bone," filmed in Forsyth.

The CDM said...

Like the first anon said, something will happen along those lines and he'll never do it.

Ironic, word verification: prolik

Horse-farmer said...




perfect sign we saw south of Hattiesburg, MS.

tom and viola