Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What The Chuck? More On Long's Contribution To Roy Blunt's PAC

I am continually struck at the incongruity of 7th District Republican Congressional Candidates Billy Long's campaign rhetoric.

Long's campaign slogan, "Fed Up", focused on his distaste and dislike of career politicians. While never mentioning Blunt by name during the campaign(to my knowledge), Long railed against career politicians. Roy Blunt is unarguably a career politician. Yet, on November 23, 2009, Long made a significant contribution ($1,000.00) to one of Roy Blunt's PACs --Friends of Roy Blunt.

Yesterday, I asked Long about this contribution and why he didn't give that thousand dollars to Chuck Purgason of Caufield. (Billy Long's explanation on why he gave Blunt's PAC $1,000) The discussion got sidetracked and I never pressed the issue. (I am working on improving my follow up questioning skills. I'm also working on the stuttering.)

The internet is a great memory booster for old farts like me, with just a kernel of memory, I can search and find the whole kielbasa, like these two posts from the KY3 Political Blog, dated November 14 and November 18, 2009, just days before Long made his $1,000 donation to Blunt.

The posts note that Purgason seems to be gaining on Blunt and that Purgason might be a better match up against Robin Carnahan (at the time the presumed Democrat candidate).

From November 14, 2009: What The Chuck?:

From the Twitterboard: "Interesting finding on our Mo. poll so far- Blunt struggling to crack 50 against little known primary opponent," wrote Tom Jensen.

From November 18, 2009: Purgason Encouraged By Poll:
Longshot U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Purgason said he's encouraged by a new Public Policy Polling survey that shows his support in double-digits and noted that Congressman Roy Blunt's high unfavorable numbers in the Ozarks exemplify the problems of the Republican Party's frontrunner.

Two reports from a highly read, critically acclaimed political blog report that Chuck Purgason is making inroads against Roy Blunt. A week after these reports appear on the internet, the FEC reports Billy Long made a $1,000 donation to Roy Blunt's campaign. The donation showed up on paper on November 23, 2009. What we don't know is what the date is on the check.

Draw your own conclusions but it looks to me like Long sold the tea party candidate down the river and bet on the career politician.


Anonymous said...

People forget Blunt was having problems showing 50% in the republican primary polls. Pugason ran a tough race considering.

Anonymous said...

"Long sold the tea party candidate down the river and bet on the career politician."

Not "down the river", Jim. I believe the term you were looking for is "downstream"


Anonymous said...

Downstream at the Casino, Joplin MO is what is really meant.

I'm too busy to reply for thenext week, so will anxiously await my return to the blogsphere ...