Thursday, February 07, 2008

Before He Quits Us, He Shafts Us

I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

The SN-L is reporting that the governor who quit us, Matt Blunt, plans to appoint Steve Helms as a replacement for retiring Greene County Circuit Clerk Michael Carr. The link is here. The KY3 Political Blog is reporting the same thing. Carr's time in the circuit clerk's office has not been without controversy.

Sources told the Bus last week that Helms was probably going to get the position as a reward for running against Sara Lampe in the 138th state representative district and for his long winded rants about gosh only knows what that appeared with some regularity in the SN-L this past summer. The link to one of these ramblin' rants is here, here is another one from 06/19/2007, another one from 07/13/2007, and here's another one. Almost makes a person want to holler, "Arthur, come back, all is forgiven. You would make a great cicuit clerk!"

We also heard Helms was cherry picked over another Republican who actually has the qualifications and experience necessary to be a circuit clerk, having worked in a circuit clerk's office in a county this size, and oversee the 60 plus people who work in the office. Helms has no experience in being a circuit clerk other than the two hour tour he asked Carr to give him after Carr announced his intentions to retire.

I hope Helms can handle court documents better than he handled his money. How can we forget this classic post from the Turner Report: House Candidate Filed For Bankruptcy. Hey, look on the bright side: people won't have to rely on him for "financial advice" anymore.

I guess that we just got to realize that the quitting types reward political cronies this way, by giving them fee offices or positions on boards like the the state park board or the State Board of Education. It seems our quitter is determined to put as many of his cronies as he can on the public payroll before time runs out for him. Dang, I didn't know his quittin' us would be this hard on us.

Too bad the Greene County Republican party chiefs didn't show the courage that the Newton County Republicans showed. They chose the best qualified candidate for their open position. Randy Turner has that story here.

How courageous does a central committee have to be to stand up to a guy who quit being governor? Obviously more courageous that the Greene County Republican Central Committee. This is slimy politics at its worst. Thumbs down to all involved! Did our County judges sign off on this? If so, thumbs down to them too!
Note: I called them county judges, that's what they used to be called. Now, they are called County Commissioners and they are talking about hiring a county administrator.


Jason said...

Come on...Blunt's not doing anything that every other outgoing executive has done in political service.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the judges have a choice; it's totally up to the Governor. But do you know who else was in the running? If so, who would have you chosen?

Busplunge said...

Link to Turner's post on Newton County. I would have chosen the most experience candidate, not some political crony of the lame duck governor.
There should have been a special election.

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be on this. Wonder if he can turbo up the old court house steps on that George Jetson mobile. The guy is a slug from my hands on experience.

The CDM said...

As stated by the anon donor, it doesn't make it right. Way to punk card Blunt on this one, BP! Doesn't matter what affiliation you are, it ain't right and the excuse of ,"Well, everybody else does it" is piss poor at best.(If that is Blunt's excuse)

Anonymous said...

Dang Dad, shoulda ran for the other party,then you coulda got a Segway instead of a Cushman....