Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steve Helms visits his father, doesn't repay the money.

According to his rambling discourse in this morning's News-Leader, Steve Helms(R) has been suffering his overwhelming loss to Sara Lampe(D) by visiting his father in Florida.
Some of the many questions/comments I have about his rambling:
Did he drive his Segway down there?
Did he go down to pay his father back the money he owed him?
Did he borrow $1,000 from him for his crazy bet.
Did he know the N-L has a 200 word limit on letters.
Who is the "other side" he keeps mentioning in his letter?
Who are you refering to when you say "Maybe speaking the same language would help understanding, too."
What does the American Idol have to do with your letter?
The Missouri Constitution says that after paying debts and obligations, the funding of public education is the second most important priority of the General Assembly.
Get the picture Steve, the governor can appropriate more money for education than he did the year before, but as revenue increases, so should, according to the constitution, the amount of money appropriated to education.
If revenue increases 8% and education appropriations increase 4%, the governor HAS appropriated less for education.
Gee Steve, maybe that fall off your Segway hurt your head.
After reading your crazy "challenge" to Representative Lampe....if you spent your creditor's money as frivolously as you appear to spend yours, I can understand why you had to file for bankruptcy.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you didn't win against this untrustworthy man, Jim. We were all hoping to see you take this election. Best wishes!

Ondi & Jay