Friday, February 22, 2008

Found In The Bus

Ernie, down at the bus barn, was working on Plunge, testing the electrical circuits and trying to get the heaters working for another one of Plunge's annual excursions, this time to the Springfield St. Patrick's Day Parade. This will be our 25th(?) year to be in the parade, but who's counting? We fill Plunge up with Irish Couch Potatoes and run the heaters full blast! There is nothing worse than riding in a cold bus during a parade in March. Well. that is a pretty absolute statement, let's just say there are DANG few things worse than riding in a cold bus on parade day in March. (Editor's Note: according to the
Bright Yellow Gun, a cold school bus in Wisconsin is DANG worse.) Ernie took off the heater cover and found these comic books stuck in between the heater fan and the vent. He brought them to us, wondering if this was the kind of stuff Graphic Classroom was interested in. We weren't sure.


Józef Jan Hughes said...

A cold bus in Springfield in March is bad? Hell, when I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin the school buses were so cold that I preferred to walk 5 miles to and from school, through two feet of snow, uphill both ways... just like Mom and Dad did during the Great Depression.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe not quite like those, but you are getting close. Those old pro-war PSA comics crack me up.

You know, a class could use those when talking about propaganda and learning how to discern between reliable sources of information and those other places. This could be very important in the Internet days. Children have to be taught about reliable information versus hack. In that sense, those comics might actually be helpful to illustrate propaganda.

Sorry if I got too series.

The CDM said...

Ah, the early roots of Japan's Manga inspiration.

opit said...

Arbuthnot was making up media releases for the British Army in the 1800's. Ain't Progress wonderful ?