Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Deputy Indicted In Sexual Abuse Case

This story, and it is a tragic, horrible story, has more twists and turns than an Ozark road.
The Turner Report picks up on the story from the Joplin Globe.


Jason said...

Like I said in Randy's comments, I don't understand how someone can do this (if this man is guilty.) Especially after finding Rowan Ford's body...how could he turn around and do to another underage girl what happened to Rowan?

Anonymous said...

As I understand the news report, the abuse was going on prior to the deputy finding the little girl's body. The grand jury convened 6 months ago, so there must have been incidents occurring more than 6 months and the prosecutor must have had some pretty strong evidence to even convene a grand jury.

Jason said...

I thought Randy's report said it happened in December and January?