Friday, February 22, 2008

Frisco Train Depot, Springfield, MO Fred Harvey Restaurant Floor Tiles

Remember this post? It is all that is left of the Frisco Passenger Depot on Main Street in Springfield, MO. It got tore down over a weekend back in the early 1970s. What a shame. It would have fit in nicely with all the stuff on Jordan Creek. Notice the "Hotel Of Terror" in the aerial view. In one photo, you can see the old Springfield Seed Company Building which turned into Universal Paint which is now the Universal Art Studio on Water Street.
Ticket Agent, December 1960This guy looks like someone who used to go to our church and was maybe an usher?
Aerial View of Depot
Springfield Frisco Passenger Depot, 1947
Springfield Frisco Passenger Depot, August, 1947
Springfield Frisco Passenger Depot, 1955
Springfield Frisco Passenger Depot, 1955
Springfield Frisco Passenger Depot, 1967
Springfield Frisco Passenger Depot, 1970

Founders Park, Springfield, MO, February 2008Founders Park
More photos here.


Alexiev said...

Great pict...


Alexiev Store

Jim Dowler said...

These pictures remind me of when my parents took my brothers and I down to the station to catch the train. We'd ride the Sunnyland Express to Memphis, Tenn. to see our Grandmother! Those were the "GOOD OL' DAYS".I've loved trains since I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pics! Great to see where my family came from and where my gradfather used to dream of being a locomotive driver around the WW1 days and before.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to station at night and seeing all the switch stands burning with kerosine. What a pretty sight that was as they flickered. Fred Marlin.

Brian Knight said...

Coming from a Frisco Family where my Grandfather,Father,
Brother and Sister all worked for the Frisco. We left out of the Frisco Depot many, many times because it was a fringe benefit to ride free. I do not understand how a metropolitan area of over 300,000 does not have rail service! Senators blunt and McCaskill needs to get this done for the Ozarks.

Fred's blog said...

I remember that too when my dad took me at night. Very peacefull there too.