Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Much For Transparency And Openness In City Government

Say, remember this blog post from a couple of days ago? Money quote: they all just end up acting like my old dog: he acted like he was listening to you, but after you said your piece he went and did what he dang well pleased.

KY3's Political Blog says: Rushefsky walked out of the room, so other council members could "unanimously" pass the resolution.

The SN-L says: Rushefsky moved to strike the second part of the resolution, but her motion was met with silence — her fellow council members clearly backed sending a sharp message to the federal government.

The City says; 16. COUNCIL BILL 2008-059. (City Council)
A joint resolution of the School District of Springfield, R-12, The City of Springfield, Missouri, and Greene County, Missouri. (Eight members of the public spoke. A motion was made to strike the second paragraph of the “be it resolved.” There was no second on the motion. The bill was approved.)

NOW: somebody in all honesty tell me this wasn't discussed prior to the meeting and a course of action was laid out and followed. Council knew what they were going to do before they did it. This was discussed and City Attorney Dan Wichmer.gave them a strategy.

Our little moment of 'high drama' appears to have been scripted. So much for openness and transparency in our city government.

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