Sunday, February 03, 2008

What $32 Million Can Get You

This is what you get when you raise $32 million dollars in one month. Wow, $32 million dollars in one month. Now that's impressive. This is Obama's super bowl ad. It is geared to a younger audience. Here is the ad:

Got a poll call this afternoon as I was on my way to a wake for a friend who passed over. (He was a master woodworker, he did the cabinets in our kitchen. He probably built the cabinets shown on this website, too. My grandsons' mother's husband's father (their other Grandfather) also passed over. He served in Vietnam and died of complications of Agent Orange.)

So I got a poll phone call this afternoon. It was a Zogby poll. I have gotten probably six calls this weekend, three polls and three calls from McCain. I always tell the pollsters I am going to vote in the Republican primary and I am going to vote for Romney. No special reason for doing this except that my vote is my business.

I will tell people what I think about the candidates but I won't tell them who I am going to vote for next Tuesday. That's my business.

If I tell you who I am going to vote for, and you can pretty well guess it will be a democrat, I will be branded as sexist or racist, depending upon whom I chose. I would like to see an Obama/Clinton ticket or a Clinton/Obama ticket, either one of them on the top spot. Here's a guy* who thinks the same way

Obama talks of change but unless everyone buys into change (do you think Roy B. and his friends will buy into Obama's change?), it won't happen. So, we need someone who knows how to play the game and can pave the way for change.

Clinton says she will be ready to be president from day 1. I am confident she will. Obama says yes we can and I am confident we can.

I remember the 1972 presidential election. I was a medic stationed at the 130th General Hospital in Nuremberg, Germany. The election was between Richard Nixon and George McGovern. Lots of medics were getting orders to Vietnam (medics were in high demand over there) and Nixon said he had a secret plan to end the war. Who would I vote for? I cast an absentee ballot for who I thought would be the best president. I chose right.

That's how I feel about Tuesday's primary. I am going to cast my ballot for the person whom I think will make the best president, regardless of race, sex or religion. That's the American way.

Here's a guy* who is deciding for whom to cast his vote: Clinton or Obama.

Added Monday Morning: Link to Ozark Politics to read their primary endorsement.

*Everytime I use or hear the phrase, "Here's a guy", I think of John Madden

BTW: What's with all those internet cables breaking? From what I read, four cables have been compromised. It matters. Nothing to see here now folks, move along, show's over, all just a series of "coincidences" and "intelligence failures"...

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