Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bus Is Going To The Bus Barn

Something is still wrong with the computer. It starts and stops, if it were a vehicle, I'd say I accidentally put some ethanol in the tank.

I tried resizing my cache and in doing that lost all my favorites, all when deleting internet files and clear browser cache, the computer goes into an endless loop, when I press control. alternate, delete, it comes up as the program is not responding. I think I picked up some spyware or a bug that is causing that program to act up.

Speaking of bugs, in March 2006, we had a pretty bad hail storm in Springfield. I lost a lot of roofs and patio covers. I also got tangled up with a storm chaser who beat me out of a lot of money.

But, in speaking to an insurnace adjuster, after I finished all the work, after they paid off for the same work at my son's house, the adjuster told me that when the insurance company says they will replace a patio cover, they don't mean they will replace the patio cover, they just mean they will replace the patio cover, just the part that covers the patio. If, like me, you always thought a patio cover was the whole thingie, and if, like me, you saw how they paid off for the whole patio cover on one house, I just thought they would on my house. Not so. According to the Insurance adjuster , a patio cover is just that, the part of the whole apparatus that covers the patio. It doesn't include the posts that hold the patio cover roof up, it doesn't included the trim around the side, it doesn't include the gutter or downspouts. NOw, when you go out to Lowe's or Home Depot or even HB Wall, and price out a patio cover, you get a price for the whole thing, not just the part that covers the patio.

I called my agent, Help ME, HELP ME PLEASE!

I went to get into quicken but it ain't workign either. I wanted to see how much money I pay in insurance premiums each year. And my computer is acting really odd, slow and windows installer keeps popping up. I downloaded norton from my dsl provider, don't know if that is the problem.

I am going to hvae to get this fixed. I don't like ti when the bus ain't running right. I also got a horrible cold. I mean like I haven't had one like this in years. MY skin hurts! My teeth hurt. Sneezing hurts.

I brought my mom down some chili and tuna salad the nurse made, but I didn't stay long, she had a heart monitor put on today and was tired. I filled up her O2 bottles and tried to get her new modem hooked up on her computer, was't successful, got in an argument with the guy on the phone who had an accent so thick I couldn't understand but only the part where he told me there were two ways to get her dsl, my way and his way and my way wasn't going to work. I copped an attitude right then

But I guess I had an attitude ever since I met with the insurance adjuster. I think I just stay home tonight and watch Antiques Roadshow. Wait, that's on Monday night. Maybe I'll watch the Pete Seeger special.

Maybe I'll just tank up on nyquil and go to bed.

I just sneezed seven times in a row, it took my breathe away. My grandson told me to sneeze into the crock of my arm, I prefer to use a handerchief, I don't like wet shirt sleeves. My eyes are watering, my nose is running, my back teeth hurt. I feel miserable.

This has been a three handkerchief day. I told you that room was cold last night and I had a hard time getting warm!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I hope you get to feeling better before tomorrow night! I'd hate to have a snotty bus next to me. ;)

Seriously though- get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you use GREEN Nyquil. The red stuff is watered down. Kristin and Karen can attest, if it doesn't make you shiver it's a waste of time and money.

Hope you're feeling better.