Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rove Bests High School Girl In Gay Marriage Debate: Bedazzles Her With Fancy Rovian Rhetoric

Rove Proves To Himself Once And For All That Even If He Wasn't A Cool Kid in High School, He Is Smarter Than A Girl.

Karl Rove, the resigned White House aide lovingly referred to by President Bush as "Turd Blossom", spoke at Choate Preparatory school in Wallingford CN today. The Hartford Courant has the story.

Rove drew applause, laughter, even one moment of apparent sympathy when, describing his early interest in politics, he noted that in high school, "I didn't have a girlfriend. I didn't have the cool bike. I didn't have a car."

"Awwwww" came from the crowd.

Then there was Marla Spivak.

Spivak, a senior from Hamden,...asked Rove to explain how giving gay people the right to marry would endanger other people.

Rove took issue with the way the first gay marriages came about, through the Massachusetts Supreme Court. An issue as important as the definition of marriage should be resolved by a legislature or a referendum, not a court, he said.

Gay couples could gain the legal rights of married couples through legislation without actually getting married, he said.

But wouldn't creating a separate body of legislation for gay people be creating a separate but equal system, a step back?, Spivak asked.

Rove replied with an answer about Mormons changing their views on marriage to conform with the nation's laws.

Spivak kept pressing. "You never actually answered, how does it threaten anyone?" she asked.

Rove asked, what's the compelling reason to throw out 5,000 years of understanding the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman?

What, Spivak countered, was the compelling reason for society to allow interracial relationships when they had once been outlawed.

Then Rove invoked the Declaration of Independence before Spivak interjected that its reference to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" seemed to support her claims.

Their verbal pingpong match tapered off after Rove brought up polygamy and Spivak acknowledged that she did not know enough about polygamy to answer.

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