Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just Doing Our Part For The Economy: Where We Spend Our Money When We Get Out Of The Trailer

When we get out of the trailer, these are the places we ride the bus to:

Gas Station: Rapid Roberts, Sunshine and Campbell. My ATM cards ALWAYS work at the pumps

Grocery Store: Pricecutter on South Campbell, friendly clerks, clean store and nice deli.

Thrift Store: DAV Store, South Campbell, across from Pricecutter and Senior day is Monday, 55 and older get 25% off clothing.

Liquor Store: Brown Derby just south of Bass Pro Shop

Drug Store: CVS and Walgreen's.

Hospital: Cox South

Hospitial Cafeteria: Cox South Cafeteria

TV Repairman: Lewis TV, 717 West Kearney, just west of Kearney and Grant, quick service and reasonable prices. 869-3802

: Rick the Plumber at Reliable Plumbing, quality service and reasonable prices. 865-2994. Rick doesn't unclog drains.

Drain Unclogger: Blackburn-Gott, they quickly arrive and clean out your sewer lines 869-0678

: Rick the Electrician at Rick Buck, Master Electrician. Quality service at reasonable prices. 894-4824

Lumberyard: Meek's at Mount Vernon and Kansas.

Heating and Air Conditioning Guys: Bertsch, 866-4975.

Place to Get Screens Fixed: The Window Dudes , NW corner, Scenic and Mount Vernon

Place to Shop and Find Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed: Habitat For Humanity, South Scenic across from Golf Course.

Insurance Agent: Jack Ferguson, Shelter Insurance, South Campbell across the street from that obnoxious Pizza Place that got sued by Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream Parlors for stealing proprietary secrets.

French Fries: Wing Stop, Food 4 Less shopping center, east of Battlefield and Campbell. Best French Fries in town, I was going to buy a fryer and start making them myself but the fryer, the oil, the french fry cutter all added up. It's cheaper to go up there and buy them. While you are waiting for your order, walk through Big Lots or the head shop next door.

Cheap Place to Eat: Wendy's value menu, chili, salads, baked potatoes, stop by here after you buy your steak at Pricecutter's, grilling is a breeze when Wendy's does the sides.

Place to Eat In Springfield That Got Torn Down and Replaced By A Parking Lot: The Shady Inn

Chinese Food: Canton Inn east of Wendy's near Sunshine and Campbell. The Imperial Chicken, No MSG is a cheap meal for two. Or one can eat it and have left-overs the next day.

Place to Take Visitors That I Never Go To Myself Unless We Have Out Of Town Visitors: Bass Pro Shop. Sniderman, if you've read this far, see if yew kin git them there girls in that there Bass Pro ad yew bin chattin' about ta come over here to the house and and maybe sit on the couch fur a spill. (Them gals wear clothes that we ain't seen beneath them gingham gowns.)

Place to Take Visitors That I Go To Myself: The B's Nest at Rockaway Beach on wonderful Lake Taneycomo. The B's Nest is one of the original bungalows in Rockaway Beach.

Auto Parts Store: O'Reilly's on South Campbell, just south of Brown Derby and Bass Pro. The Counter folks always take the time to explain what part you need and a.) how to take it off and b.) how to put it on.

Hardware Store: Westlake's on South Campbell.

Bank: Great Southern, Elfindale Shopping Center

Pizza: Pizza House, corner of Bennett and Glenstone (thanks to the Standard Station for letting us part on is lot. Stinkers to the people who fenced off the lot in front of their antique store.) We've been eating there since 1964. My wife's family since 1958. Great thin crust pizza. I really like the burnt edges. Even my grandsons like this pizza.

Brooke and her kids shopping at the neighborhood Pricecutter.

Trailer after I put the new front porch up. Yeah, that's a '73 Chevelle in the front. One fast car. but it rusted out in the trunk really bad. I put a set of mags on it and jacked up the rear with air shocks. I had the hottest car in the park!Look for an upcoming post on trailer parks.


Anonymous said...

You have far to much time on your hands. Signed your wife.

The CDM said...

Damn Bp! Ya got punk carded by your wife(at least that's the story for now).

I'll admit, I'm a Walmart whore. They get all my money. Every once in a while I hit a restuarant here and there. Which gives me an idea of possibly reporting the really bad dives on my blog, would serve them right.

Busplunge said...

Dang. It is Sniderman's fault. He's the one who wanted to partay with the almost nekkid ladies running around the Bass Pro. Dang.

JL said...

I am assuming that the Wendy's pictured is the one on Sunshine just east of Campbell. It has to be the fastest fast food in town. No need to stop--just roll your window down and drive by and they'll practically throw it at you! Amazing.

Jason said...

I'll have to check out Pizza House sometime. I love thin crust pizza but I usually get Imo's.

Anonymous said...

Wish someone would come up with a list like this for the Four Corners area, SW of Orlando, FL. The hardest part of moving was finding medical people you like and repair facilities you can trust.

The Lorax said...

Add in Place to Eat in Rockaway:

The Pizza Cellar.
Looks like a dive... keeps the vagrants away. Great pizza, too much smoke, but adds smoky flavor to the pepperoni. And scratch the vagrants comment earlier.

Busplunge said...

Sniderman, great place for pizza! We eat there every time we go to the B's Nest.
get 2 smalls over a large. the crust gets crispier in the middle. Great place to eat. We grab take out and head up to the B's Nest and sit on the deck and eat pizza.
There used to be a great restaurant for breakfast in Rockaway, the hillside restaurant, just down the hill from the cabin, on the side of the hill. Alas, it is closed.