Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dorothy Podber: Dead At 75

From the New York Times:

Dorothy Podber, a wild child of the New York art scene in the 1950s and ’60s who is probably best known for brandishing a pistol and putting a bullet through the forehead of Marilyn Monroe’s likenesses on a stack of Andy Warhol’s paintings, died at her apartment in Manhattan on Feb. 9. She was 75.

Podber asked Warhol if she could shoot a stack of the "Marilyn" paintings; he apparently thought that she wanted to take pictures of them and consented.

But she produced a pistol and fired at them, penetrating three or four. One of them, "Shot Red Marilyn," with a repaired bullet hole over the left eyebrow, sold for $4 million in 1989, at the time setting a record at auction for a Warhol work.

"After she left," Factory regular Billy Name said, “Andy came over to me and said: 'Please make sure Dorothy doesn’t come over here anymore. She’s too scary.'"
DANG! How scary was she if Andy Warhol thought she was scary!

Dorothy Podber - R.I.P.

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