Saturday, February 09, 2008

City Council Bill 2008-052 Will I Still Be Able To Dump Cheer In It?

For some background, read these columns: Sara Overstreet, here are some numbers, from last June, Greg Holman's take, and this one, from the Cultural Landscape Foundation.
Now, read this letter from Ruth Kelley
Now, read this blog posting on Jackehammer's blog.
Dang, I didn't want to get involved but this just plain wrong. Will you be at the se meetings?

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Jackie Melton said...

Actually, the Butler Rosenbury proposal for Park Central Square does not call for the destruction and removal of the fountain. As a matter of fact, I believe they plan to improve the plumbing so that it will be even easier to clean.

I wonder if it is possible that Michael Brothers was mistaken about Council voting on it at the Tuesday Special meeting. I've seen them have first reading of a bill at a special meeting so that they can have public comment and vote on it in the following meeting, I haven't seen them do this at Council chambers on the same day they are going to meet at a luncheon at the Busch Municipal Building, though. It's a shame it wasn't more clearly explained. As it is right now, at the City's new blog, Michael Brothers says they'll vote on it, but the posting about the special meeting simply lists it as a resolution with the description, it doesn't specifically say they'll vote on it. Only Brothers has stated it will be voted on at the meeting, I guess until we hear from him we won't know for sure. I have sent a request to the contact email at City Connect blog inquiring about it.