Friday, July 13, 2007

Washington needs 'country dumb'

I'm not very surprised by the disclosure that Nixon thought Fred Thompson was not "very smart" but "friendly." Having lived in the South, many on the East and West coasts consider anyone who speaks with a Southern drawl to be less than intelligent. And yes, on the average, Southern people are friendlier than those on our coasts. I don't know what Sen. Thompson' intentions were, but his questions on the hidden taping are what ultimately brought down Nixon. Steve Helms (letter in SNL, 07/13/2007)

Paragraphs, for clarity's sake, paragraphs!

I find myself in the unique position of agreeing with someone whose politics are almost 180 degrees from mine: Maybe a little "country dumb" and "friendliness" will go a long way in our nation's capital that is short on common sense and long on incivility.
The Iraq war is going straight down the tubes, regardless of how well our troops are doing. You can't fight someone who blows themselves up for their religion.

Republicans are distancing themselves from the president

Alberto Gonzalez knew about violations of civil liberties even as he testified before congress there were no violations (he lied).

Bush Commutes Libby's sentence for obstruction of justice, giving rise to the belief that special people get special favors or that he was being paid off for spilling the beans. I think it was treason and they are getting away with it.

Dick Cheney thinks he is above the law and support is growing for his impeachment

Bush plays the fear card in Cleveland....we're fighting the terrorists for the sake of your kids and your grand kids.
Caller to Roy Blunt says "If we don't fight them over there, we'll have to fight them over here."
Roy Blunt: There are evil people in the world and they oppose us.
Chertoff: I got a gut feeling we'll be attacked this summer.

You're right, Steve, we need more common sense in Washington.

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