Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Do you want me to tell the truth or do you want me to lie to you?"

In an email to a supporter who asked our favorite auctioneer about rumors of his gambling habits, Billy Long asked, "Do you want me tell you the truth or do you want me to lie to you?"

Long then proceeded to tell the supporter a tale that was easily debunked.

Then, when Springfield News-Leader reporter Cory deVera asked Long about his gambling habits, Long didn't answer her. Instead, he went back to his campaign headquarters (presumably) where he wrote in an e-mail:

The truth is less exciting than the rumors. I have played cards and my family and I have been to Las Vegas. I've built a successful small business, raised two beautiful daughters and have been married to the same wonderful woman for over 26 years. It should be obvious that this is not a big part of my life and that it's nothing more to me than a way to relax.
He answered by email.

He answered the tough question by email where there was no chance for follow-up questions about his gambling habits. The SN-L gave him a pass. (He also refused questions earlier at a Greene County Pachyderm meeting held at Millie's cafe)

The SN-L also gave Long a pass on the Social Security issue.

The SN-L also gave Long a pass on wanting to eliminate farm subsidies.

The SN-L also gave Long a pass on his mantra of wanting to "repeal and replace Obamacare" even as he was saying there is a "lot of good things in Obamacare."

The SN-L gave Long a pass on his relationship with Roy Blunt, to include campaign contributions made in November, 2009.

The SN-L gave Long a pass when he came out against the 17th amendment in the SN-L on KZRG radio, and in the Joplin Globe. (Long actually compared himself to Durwood G. Hall and Gene Taylor in the Joplin story)

The SN-L also gave Long a pass when allegations of racism, sexism and hate speech were made against him: D. Stoeffler of the SN-L wrote in the comments section of today's story: "we have consciously chosen not to write a story, although we continue to look into it." and "unless new information comes to light or circumstances change, we do not believe a story on the allegations is justified."

So when is the SN-L going to ask Long the tough questions? I asked them.

btw--Today someone told me the SN-L is giving Long a pass because he is a big advertiser. I told this person Long needs the SN-L as much as the SN-L needs Long. The paper needs the revenue and Long needs the advertising audience the paper provides.

also--I have printer's ink in my blood, literally. When I was 11 or 12 I got my finger caught in a letterpress printing press. My father was a newspaper editor and I understand and appreciate the hard work it takes to put out a newspaper. I understand the pressure of a deadline.

I appreciate the task the staff of the Springfield News-Leader does everyday because I have done it also. And, Unlike me, the reporters at the SN-L do not have the luxury of time to devote to the 7th district race and candidates that I do.

But, the coverage is superficial. I mean, come on, Chula and Little Bear? Dead dogs and Democrats?


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of the ag people said of Billy, "Damn, I wish he hadn't said that."

Ole Billy got to talking about something he doesn't know anything about, again, farm subsidies and farm program spending.

Some of his strongest supporters, Pinegar, Larson, Dairy Farmers of America, Farm Bureau, and many more support and depend on farm programs and subsidies to support their farming habit.

There's no telling how many tens of thousands of dollars have flowed through farm programs to the millionaire Pinegar's farm to establish water systems, fencing and to support his overpriced beef production.

Farmers who buy Deere equipment should know that Larson's money and efforts are going to support Long who has advocated to do away with subsidy programs. Grain farmers depend price subsidies and in turn buy Larson's overpriced Deere equipment.

DFA, the organization that destroyed the milk production on local farms in Southwest Missouri continues to lobby for milk marketing orders that support the mega-farms out West. We can thank Gary Hanman and that idiot DFA Board Member Near Purdy for that.

Farm Bureau? It may be best said that the glory days of Missouri FB are gone.

Anonymous said...

get Long and Blunt to answer on this issue

WASHINGTON – The House will vote in November on a bill to provide $250 payments to Social Security recipients to make up for the lack of a cost-of-living increase for next year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry TOMLEE, Long is not going to every have enough power to do anything more than draw his salary and spend the $3 million he will get to run local and his D.C. offices for no other purpose than to keep him in office until he retires.