Thursday, October 07, 2010


Billy Long said he never filled out a questionnaire from Conservative Congress. Their website says he did.

Who you gonna believe?

Remember Billy's tale about he doesn't gamble? How that story changed,

These are quick responses, but

There are TWO conservative Congresses

conservative-congress and conservative congress.

One has a questionnaire, the other doesn't. Billy DID fill out a questionnaire for conservative congress
but NOT conservative-congress.

The hyphen. The hyphen. Conservative-congress does not have a survey.

The conservative-congress has a link in the body of their website's info page to the conservative congress.

The conservative congress (without the hyphen) supports candidates who want to dismantle dept of education and Social Security. Long scored 100% with this group

again, from their website (conservative congress)

For full transparency we have included all our research in our Research page. There you can select your state and see where a candidate in your district may have fallen short, or on what issue they have not answered our questions.

Also from their website:
Bear in mind that some candidates have not responded to our questions, and it is entirely possible that a candidate is not promoted on our States page because of this, and not because they failed to meet our criteria. Candidates who have not been evaluated, or care to be re-evaluated because of missing information are free to submit a re-evaluation form.

Remember Long scored 100% from this group.

Long is fully aligned with this group's issues statement which includes: De-Regulation of Federal Programs

In an ever growing and changing world, it is important that the administration of social programs be kept under the exclusive control of state and local governments. Conservative Congress supports candidates who are committed to de-regulating and dismantling wasteful federal social agencies and programs. Specifically, Conservative Congress supports candidates who seek to dismantle the Department of Education and Social Security, by and through constructive reforms, and who firmly oppose the expansion of federal control over our nation’s healthcare industry.

ah jeez


Anonymous said...

Hot diggity dog.

God must spare us from this mess, I have differed with the local Republicans from time to time but may they be cursed a thousand times for running this bafoon who calls himself Billy Long. I have never been so embarrassed in my life at a candidate.

I used to make fun of Gene Taylor and his checked leisure suits, but this Long character blows Gene out of the water.

Oh my God. They will laugh Missouri completely out of the Congress.


Anonymous said...

Hot diggity dog, oh my. I can't believe he used that to point out lies as he was clearly lying on TV. Any dolt with computer can go find this on the Internet. Does Billy think we are stupid?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing this issue up for me. The only part I understood clearly was 'as jeez'.

Anonymous said...


The Republicans did tell Long to run. He dreamed this deal up on his own and with the split of votes in the Primary Election......well we are stuck with him.

Gene Taylor did not go to Washinton to make a fashion statement. I don't know who was in your audience when you made fun of him but had it been me, your ass would have found the pavement.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is that you

Busplunge said...

Now, now, children, play niceor I'll have to bring in a moderator and if that doesn't work, a professional.