Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roy gets testy! Schadenfreude

Congressman Blunt continues to dodge questions about the illegal worker scandal, and today he got testy with reporters who asked questions about it.

Schadenfreude? You betcha!

MICHAEL MAHONEY: Did you know this woman you wrote the letter for, or not?

BLUNT: What a -- You know, that's just such nonsense, Mike, and you know it. And it's desperation politics on their side. And, uh, these issues are bigger than that. We put a statement on that at the time. It was accurate at the time. You can go back and read it.

MAHONEY: Did you know her or not?

BLUNT: We put a statement on that at the time. And it's exactly accurate. You read it, and you know what it says.

MAHONEY: She says that she did work for your family, sir.

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