Friday, October 29, 2010

The two sides of Billy Long: "They're bringing milk in from out of the area. Our farmers here have to pay to have milk trucked

in from other states." Billy Long accepts California Dairies Federal PAC donation to Long campaign.

Last week, in a profile with Steve Grant our favorite auctioneer Billy Long said,

They're bringing milk in from out of the area. Our farmers here have to pay to have milk trucked in from other states. So there's a lot of things in the farm subsidies that have to be looked at.

The website Billy Long: All Hat No Cattle went through Long's FEC filings and found that his
most recent finance report says you’ve received money from the CALIFORNIA DAIRIES FEDERAL PAC. Is your interest in California milk producers something that benefits us folks in southwest Missouri?
From the FEC website:
TURLOCK CA 95380 09/28/2010 $2,500

The post also looks at other contributors to Long's campaign:
Or, what about EXXON MOBILE CORPORATION? Maybe Billy taking money from big oil has something to do with southwest Missouri oil producers? (What producers) Or maybe he just wants to deregulate big oil? After all, the Gulf of Mexico is a long way from Missouri and who cares if we destroy local economies through the likes of another BP spill?

But the one we really don’t understand is the money you’ve taken from HALLIBURTON. Are you casting your vote in favor government waste, fraud and abuse? These guys are the ones who plundered the U.S. Treasury out of billions of dollars in no-bid contracts handed out by the Bush Administration.

We’re just sayin what goes around comes around and already Billy’s giving all sorts of signals that he’s just the latest in a long line of political hypocrites.

Really, how can a guy say he’s fed up with the way Washington operates and then accept money from the biggest corporate thief of taxpayer money in the history of the United States? Billy apparently has no problem saying one thing and doing another.

Billy knows all about auctions and all one needs to do is look at his finance reports to know that the bidding is in full swing.

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