Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Viebrock thinks the party is more important than working together

Viebrock said "It was to send a subliminal message that it's OK to be a Republican and vote for him (Coonrod). It's not OK."


Anonymous said...

The 'coon man' slipped it to Jimmy-V on this one. This is funny.

Harold and RoseAnn, as is typical, should have given this one a rest but couldn't resist having their faces before the public.

I'm a Republican voting for Coonrod. Reason is pretty simple. He has been dedicated to Greene County for many years and has done a good job. He has apportioned the budget to improve the infrastructure and I agree with his position on the need to keep our water supply clean and abundant.

I've looked at the eight years Viebrock has been in the General Assembly. It gives new meaning the the math formula of 8=0. He has not done squat; no significant bills introduced; no leadership on carrying bills in the House; limited involvement in the floor debates; and, it is reported, not in attendance on many committee hearings.

Now he wants another job. He spent his time selling real estate for Billy Long's company instead or working very hard in his current position.

Sorry Viebrock, the job is bigger than your limited skills. You need to go back to servicing cars and changing the oil at the service station in Republic.

2 hour lunch, YEAH! said...

Have Jimmy and Billy been sharing ideas down at the coffee shop again?

It is dumb with a big "D" to suggest that it is not ok for a republican to vote for a democrat.

I'm voting for at least 2 democrats this November---Coonrod and Eckersley and I'll be damned if Viebrock is going to dictate to me how I should vote!

Anonymous said...

Me too, 8:46. I'm scratching Eck, Coon, and Mrs. Juan Carlos Carnahan.

I actually wished I lived in the 4th District so I could vote for Ike. That goofy gal running against him must be trying to take Cynthia 'Dolly Parton' Davis' position as the Missouri's worst, by far, political figure.

Anonymous said...

I heard Viebrock say that in the eight years he served in the General Assembly, Coonrod never came to his office one single time.

I know for a fact that Coonrod visited the office every time he was invited by Viebrock. The rest of the story is that Viebrock never invited him. Jim did not want to take leadership on anything.

The County Commission goes to the Capitol each year to meet with legislators about legislative priorities. They do not waste their time with someone who has demonstrated a lack of interest in taking a leadership role in legislative issues.

You follow this logic and can readily see that they Commissioners go to Wasson, Dixon, Nodler and very few others to get things done. Not Viebrock.

Is this the type of person we want to serve on the Commission in Greene County? Not me.