Thursday, October 07, 2010

KOLR 10 and KWTO 560 AM live debate stream

Kevin Craig, Scott Eckersley, Billy Long


Anonymous said...

Well at least Billy continued to play dumb about the survey he filled out or saysd he didn't fill out.

Anonymous said...

This is awful. At least I learned Eckersley isn't a democrat.

Busplunge said...

What we’re doing? In a nut shell we’ve researched a candidate based on our platform. If he aligns himself or herself fully with our Issues Statement we recommend them to the voter. Bare in mind if multiple candidates in a district meet all our criteria, we recommend both candidates as individuals that are truly conservative. We leave it up to the voter to determine their opinion on character, local standing, etc.

For full transparency we have included all our research in our Research page. There you can select your state and see where a candidate in your district may have fallen short, or on what issue**they have not answered our questions.**

Conservative congres website

Busplunge said...

Specifically, Conservative Congress supports candidates who seek to dismantle the Department of Education and Social Security, by and through constructive reforms, and who firmly oppose the expansion of federal control over our nation’s healthcare industry. conservative congress website

Anonymous said...

It was interesting when "Billy Send this Business Man to Congress I'll Dismantle Obamacare" didn't know how much he pays for health insurance because his wife handles it.

This is his own company insurance.

Couldn't this business man even venture a guess?

He obviously doesn't lose sleep worrying about affordable healthcare for Billy.


Billy showed his rear. What a jerk.


Anonymous said...

What the hell was he talking about signing the front of a check? He kept saying stupid crap like that without explaining what he's talking about. Hell, I've signed a million checks, big deal.

Was he high on some hillbillie herb or what? And the face, his glasses hardly could fit around his fat face that looked like it was about to explode. His blood pressure has to be off the charts, just look at this guy!! He's a poster child for a heart attack.