Thursday, October 07, 2010

Billy Long on Social Security, unscripted, developing

This is a link to a post from September, 25, 2010:

It is pertinent because it explains Long's stance on Social Security.

In this mornings SN-L's coverage of last night's debate in Joplin:

Eckersley then asked Long about Social Security, saying Long had filled out a questionnaire saying he wanted to "dismantle" the program.

Long did not deny doing so, but said he didn't know what Eckersley was talking about. Eckersley suggested that someone on Long's staff filled out the questionnaire.

"You should probably talk to them because it is a pretty serious deal," Eckersley said.

Long said he was in favor of keeping commitments to seniors, but the way the Social Security program is going now, no one under the age of 40 will be able to get it. "It is going to have to be tackled," said Long. "But as far as your comment about dismantling, I'm not familiar with that."
This link discusses who filled out the Conservative Congress survey, Long or his handlers.

story is developing...

There is also an other story out there....

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Anonymous said...

I think reality is setting in for Billy Long, his handlers, and his supporters.

The reality is that the social fly that he is does not have the intelligence needed to address the issues and problems facing our nation.

He is going to be the Congressman. Thank goodness we will have Roy Blunt to turn to to get things done.