Friday, October 15, 2010

What I did yesterday....

Yesterday I spent the better part of the tracking down a refrigerator for the rent house. The 15-year-old Frigidaire quit cooling, the freezer part worked fine but the refrigerator part didn't, no matter how low you turned the thermostat.

I did the Craigslist search and found a similar Frigidaire in Ozark, a guy's beer fridge that he had kept in his garage. I spoke to him on the phone, agreed on a price and drove down to Ozark and loaded the fridge on my trailer and brought it back to Springfield. It looked like the same refrigerator I had, but it wasn't

It was the model under the refrigerator I had, so the shelves and crisper drawers didn't fit.

So I took doors off two iceboxes, moved one out and moved one in, switched the side the doors opened and got the renter a new fridge.

The old one I loaded on my trailer and brought home to advertise today on Craigslist--free at curb.

That's what I did yesterday.

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