Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hey boys and girls! Let's sing along with Billy! SN-L Endorses Long

Hey Boys and Girls! Let's sing along with Billy!

The SN-L endorsed Long in this morning's paper.

“Although his campaign launched some negative, questionable attacks in the primary, we believe Long resorted to them because of advice that is becoming far too common in today's no-holds-barred campaign climate.

“(Eckersley) he should be well aware that anyone who fabricates or exaggerates hurtful allegations for political gain will have a difficult time ever regaining support in the Ozarks -- regardless of what has become acceptable in other parts of the country.”

Is this called "talking out of both sides of your mouth"?

"His platform and public explanations of it during the primary and general campaigns have at times generated questions and claims of contradiction."

Why didn't the SN-L ask those questions and explore the contradictions in Long's platform.

Your reporting never went substantially beyond Chula, Little Bear and the disclosure that Long thinks Mickey Owen was 'some kind of celebrity'.

Billy Long is a dang good auctioneer. He should stick to what he knows best.


Timeshare Jake said...

Oh Jim, you are one of those mean bloggers the News-Leader called out today. Poor, poor Billy Long. That poor victim.

Anonymous said...

The NewsLeader HAS to be out of their minds over there. Why the hell would they endorse this morally corrupt son of a bitch? If they didn't want to endorse Eckersley they should have took a pass on this race and endorsed no one. No big deal. Anyone who knows Billy Long knows he's a jerk.

This 7th district gets EXACTLY what they deserve. Nothing.

Go F yourself NewsLeader.

Anonymous said...

It justs goes to show if you spend lots of money at their place, you can get them to support you......
Poor old billy spends a lot on ads, so SNL has to endorse him.
Of course the SNL staff doesn't know who Mickey Owens was........
shame shame double shame on SNL.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope he is a better Congressman than he is an auctioneer.

Anonymous said...

It would be good riddance if for some reason this endorsement comes back to haunt the News Leader.