Thursday, September 30, 2010

WHAT? No Turtle Tunnel? Why Is Billy Long Still Supporting Roy Blunt?

Our favorite auctioneer signed the "No Pork Pledge" last November. The Springfield News-Leader, September 27, 2010:

Long said he would not support earmarks.

"Projects need to be based on merit, not a congressman's seniority," said Long. "They also get used as a form of bribery. They say, 'If you vote for my Turtle Tunnel in Iowa, I'll vote for yours in the great state of Missouri.' ...

No earmarks, no earmarks, who'll give 100 billion, 100 billion, no earmarks, no earmark, repeal Obamacare, replace Obama, Pelosi and Reid, no earmarks, privatize Social Security, no earmarks, no earmarks.

Billy accepted the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) endorsement earlier this week. The CCAGW seems to be the lobbying part of the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW).

“I will not take any earmarks and I believe that the practice of earmarking should be eliminated.” Billy Long, CCAGW questionnaire, 06/17/2010.
No earmarks, no earmarks, no earmarks.

From the auctioneer's campaign website: "The government cannot keep committing future taxpayers to pay for today’s frivolous projects, political patronage, and pork barrel spending."

And another pledge! Why, the man's a serial pledger! Jeez, how many of these things did he sign? I know the auctioneer loves hyperbole -'jillions of surveys', 'millions of deals'- but this is ridiculous!
Also from the auctioneer's website:
Billy continued, “In order to keep free society from being overwhelmed by the government it has become clear that the federal government must be restrained in its ability to tax and spend the people’s money. That is why I support the principle of a Constitutional amendment limiting government’s taxing and spending authority in the same spirit of the Hancock Amendment. The lifetime politicians in the national government can no longer restrain themselves so it is up to us, the free citizens of the United States, to restrain them.”

The auctioneer has repeatedly stated he was "FED UP with career politicians and their cronies." Again, from his website:
(Billy) is concerned about the damage that career politicians have done to our great country, and he will fight against the policies of entrenched legislators, corrupt pork-barrel politicians, and all others who are more concerned about their legislative career than doing the right thing for southwest Missouri...

Billy is not the type of Republican who will say one thing to constituents and another to liberal lobbyists and legislators...
(Here it comes, are you ready for it?) The CAGW gave Roy Blunt a D+ (68 out of 100) on controlling government waste. According to the CAGW, (remember Billy accepted this group's endorsement and signed their pledge{s}), Roy's support of earmarks and pork barrel spending cost us $20 Billion Dollars. A year!

Why is the auctioneer Billy Long still supporting Roy Blunt?

Remember this? I do: Billy Long speaking to the MSU College Young Republicans, September 15, 2010: "...We need to turn out the vote, particularly in my race and Roy Blunt's race..."

And my personal favorite: listen as the auctioneer tries to explain why he gave a $1,000.00 campaign contribution to Roy Blunt, one of those career politicians Long says he is 'fed up' with.

Why is the auctioneer Billy Long still supporting Roy Blunt?


Anonymous said...

This just show how goof he is.

On the stump, he talks about the turtle tunnel in Florida.

Just where is that damn turtle tunnel?

Busplunge said...

I know, but does Billy?

Anonymous said...

No kidding Bus. Ole' Billy was tooting his horn about the Florida Turtle Tunnel for months during the campaign. Now he is touting that it is in Iowa?

Maybe he is getting ready to visit Iowa as he prepares to run for President in 2012?

He couldn't find his butt with two hands. And I'm talkin' about a big butt.

Timeshare Jake said...

I will do a Barbara Streisand if Long runs for president.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do Barbara Streisand even if Billy was elected President. I mean a guy has to have some standards.