Friday, October 22, 2010

Billy Long denies allegations of misconduct

Joy Robertson of KOLR10 has a story on the allegations of misconduct by Billy Long at an upscale Springfield restaurant.

Robertson reports that restaurant chef and owner Pat Duran said he had no working knowledge of any of the allegations and that Billy Long has never been inside the restaurant past 10 p.m.

In response to the allegations made against him, Long issued this denial : "It is 100-percent false. It's a flat out lie. Anyone who knows me knows that it is completely false. This is hurtful to me and my family. Character does matter in this race and Scott Eckersley has shown his by choosing to air a slanderous ad in a desperate bid to get elected."

It is not known if the response was delivered by email or another delivery method.

Robertson also reported that Duran said the "Metro Mafia" a daytime gathering of businessmen Duran assembled to raise money for the police and fire pension fund. It's a fund, he says, (that) has raised more than $10,000. It's a group, he says, Billy Long has never been a part of.

The Metropolitan Grill's website has a webpage devoted to the "Mafia Nights at the Metro Grill. From that webpage:

Pat was tired of feeling like the college kid at a high school party. Although the dining and nightlife in Springfield is incredible, after 9 PM the younger generation is just getting started, while the more experienced (so to speak) seem to be winding down. Pat wanted to create an atmosphere for the more seasoned working professionals, who migrate to the Southeast side. A place where you can hear great music from 1960 - 1990. A place where you can grab an exquisite late night snack until 1 AM. A place "where everybody knows your name." The Metro Mafia, just like age, is nothing more than a state of mind.

Late-night, upscale shenanigans, beginning after 9 PM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. ".
Also featured on that page, on the left side bar, is this: Mark your calendars for upcoming costume theme nights. (You know you and your BFF have always wanted to be Maverick and Goose.)

The 'Maverick and Goose' reference is, of course, to two of the main characters in "Top Gun", the 1986 action movie about naval aviators and their adventures in the air and in the bar.

Any resemblance of the actions depicted in this clip from "Top Gun" to real persons, living or dead, or their alleged actions, is purely coincidental.


Anonymous said...

The next thing we will be hearing fm The Billy Long campaign is that "He is a god fearing christian who goes to church every sunday morning".

Yep just what I thought, like another one SW MO's top ten list politician "top ten most corrupt list" whoring on friday nights, but god fearing on sunday morning.

Put your hand on the TV and send me your $500.00 and you will be healed.

Bus I would spell hypocracy, but it is late and I can't remember how to spell it.


Timeshare Jake said...

Tom, we have heard in almost every stump speech how Billy Long raised his daughters in a good Christian home. You are right. It's coming.

NathanHale92276 said...

There are two more that may come forward. The "owner" Pat may have been convicted on felony weapons charges in Michigan. Developing.....