Thursday, October 07, 2010

No wonder Billy Long doesn't like bloggers. We ask follow up questions.

Female: I have a question, I worry if Social Security is privatized, like the folk, like you know, Blunt and Bush wanted to do in 2005, what would happen to us with our money? And uh, cause I know the private money we had was lost, well over a third of that money.

Billy Long (BL): Yeah.

Male: I'm concerned about my son, you know, his future and so forth.

Female: Yeah.

Male: And you know.

BL: I'm concerned about our future. You know we used to say we're worried about our grand kids, you know

Male: Yeah.

BL: our grand kids, spending our grand kids' future and we said

Male: right.

BL: we said we're spending out kids' future and right now we're spending out future so it's what.

Jim Lee (JL): Well, uh, I, uh, I feel like I'm 62 years old and just whenI get ready to collect Social Security, Boehner's talking about raising the, uh, retirement age to seventy and, and I thought, My God, I worked my butt off for forty plus years.

BL: Yeah, we got to honor our commitment to people.

JL: Yeah.

BL: We can't, we got to honor our commitment to seniors.

JL: Well, then, are you saying that, uh, you would consider raising the Social Security retirement age to seventy?

BL: Listen, I'm, I think we need to honor our commitment to our seniors.

JL: So you would vote against, if John Boehner got to be Speaker of the House, you would vote against his plan to raise the Social Security age to

BL: I haven't looked at his plan, to be honest. But I'm not for raising the age of Social Security right now at all.

Female: For any reason? Not even for the future?

BL: We're talking about for now.

Female: Ok.

JL: Well, well, well. live blogged last night's debate, read their account here.

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