Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Charlie wants to keep them furriners off our highways!

From SN-L political reporter Roseann Moring:

Rep. Charlie Denison, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said he plans to hold another hearing for a controversial bill that would make driver’s license tests administered in English only.

Denison, R-Springfield, kept on the schedule a hearing for the bill that occurred during the blizzard, when most Missourians could not arrive to testify.

So he said he’ll hold another hour of testimony next Tuesday, and the committee will vote on the bill immediately afterward.
Ah jeez, Charlie, who's gonna drive our cabs?


Timeshare Jake said...

Charlie goes to my church, Second Baptist. He politics at church. I once watched him tell as many people as he could prior to the service about how he worked to keep their taxes down during the session. Not the place Mr. Dennison.

Anonymous said...

Second Baptist is also the gathering place for Steve Helms and that Facist who writes for his Springberg.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Farenthold combined with that picture of Long and his staff, it looks like the cast of Deliverance. I bet they play Banjo music when those fellas walk in to the House. I thought inbreeding stopped in the Ozarks years ago.