Sunday, February 06, 2011

Who is Jan Fisk and why is she saying all those nasty things about Cindy Rushefky?

On Friday a form letter from Jan Fisk was delivered to selected homes across Springfield.

Fisk was pleading for help and money in her zone 2 council race against the incumbent Cindy Rushefsky.

Among other things, Fisk had this to say: "My opponent has a track record of job-killing votes and has demonstrated little understanding about the 'nuts and bolts' planning and decision-making it takes to support job growth and development."

It gets nastier, as she hammers Cindy for her opposition to the Magers development scam: "Unlike my opponent, I will be a council person that works to establish an operational culture that welcomes entrepreneurs and job-creating projects -- instead of making them feel they are standing in front of a firing squad."

One might reasonably guess that the emergence of J. Howard's wife into the electoral world is an attempt to get him voice in two elected positions at the same time. Fisk is the president of the OTC board of trustees, so why not put his proxy on City Council?

What's next Howard? The state legislature?

Jeff Layman, a republican fundraiser and financial consultant is another OTC board rumored to have political aspirations. Recently Layman, who spent in excess of $20,000 for his seat, attended, with Billy Long, a reception at the White House hosted by President Obama for freshman legislators.

Sally Hargis, of Ozarks Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper bottling company, is the treasurer of Fisk's campaign.


Anonymous said...

She is another person coming out of the woodwork with little or no public service history thinking they can do better that a person with plenty of civic accomplishments and years of service.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree. Jan has been active in Springfield in several areas including charaties, public television, education at several levels, and her church.

As a successful business woman, she understands the challenges of making everything related to business work.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, we got the Twitty's covering the school and city utilites,
now we want to have the Fisk's covering OTC and the city?

Just a little too cozy for me.

Also, there was no reason for Jan to go after Cindy like she did. Is she following the Jeff Roe, Billy Long playbook? Sure looks like it.

Anonymous said...

Jan's going after Cindy--

Maybe Marcia or Mrs. Brady can smooth things out.

If now, they can always go ask Alice.

Anonymous said...

When the News Leader first reported on candidates tossing their hats in the ring for Council positions, Jan Fisk was quoted as stating she did not know Cindy Rushefky was going to run again.

The implication was that Jan wouldn't have announced her candidacy if she had known...?

I wondered naively at the time if that meant Jan would defer to Cindy (withdraw?).

Now it seems that perhaps Jan's statement was a way to "graciously" ease into the running in the eyes of the public.

So much for civility...


Anonymous said...


The implication is that it did not matter to Jan if Cindy ran or not....?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:31PM-

No-quite honestly, either it was the way it was framed by the SN-L or the context in which Jan Fisk made her statement-or both-that communicated a deference to Cindy Rushefky, as if Jan was only going to run for the position because she thought Cindy wasn't going to run again.


Anonymous said...

I see your point.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Jan at all. Im very tired of the Ole Boy Buddy network that happens in city hall. Tired to the point that I would laugh with glee if the city and all of its finances got flushed down the toilet.