Saturday, February 05, 2011

These are the people who want you to die

From Violet Socks:

If you’re a pregnant woman, that is. You’ve probably read about the “Let Women Die” Act currently in the House; the bill would allow hospitals to simply refuse to provide emergency life-saving medical care to a pregnant woman if such care involves aborting the fetus. I was fascinated to see that the bill, which was introduced by Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Andromeda Galaxy), has 100 co-sponsors. One hundred! That’s almost one-fourth of the entire House of Representatives. Here they are:

Robert Aderholt [R-AL4]
Todd Akin [R-MO2]
Steve Austria [R-OH7]
Michele Bachmann [R-MN6]
Spencer Bachus [R-AL6]
Joe Barton [R-TX6]

Gus Bilirakis [R-FL9]
Diane Black [R-TN6]
Marsha Blackburn [R-TN7]
Kevin Brady [R-TX8]
Paul Broun [R-GA10]
Vern Buchanan [R-FL13]

Ann Marie Buerkle [R-NY25]
Michael Burgess [R-TX26]
Francisco Canseco [R-TX23]
John Carter [R-TX31]
Bill Cassidy [R-LA6]
Jason Chaffetz [R-UT3]

Mike Coffman [R-CO6]
Michael Conaway [R-TX11]
Jerry Costello [D-IL12]
Eric Crawford [R-AR1]
Mark Critz [D-PA12]
Geoff Davis [R-KY4]

Renee Ellmers [R-NC2]
Jeff Flake [R-AZ6]
John Fleming [R-LA4]
Bill Flores [R-TX17]
Jeffrey Fortenberry [R-NE1]
Scott Garrett [R-NJ5]

Bob Gibbs [R-OH18]
John Gingrey [R-GA11]
Louis Gohmert [R-TX1]
Samuel Graves [R-MO6]
Brett Guthrie [R-KY2]
Ralph Hall [R-TX4]

Gregg Harper [R-MS3]
Andy Harris [R-MD1]
Vicky Hartzler [R-MO4]
Tim Huelskamp [R-KS1]
Bill Huizenga [R-MI2]
Lynn Jenkins [R-KS2]

Timothy Johnson [R-IL15]
Walter Jones [R-NC3]
Jim Jordan [R-OH4]
Mike Kelly [R-PA3]
Jack Kingston [R-GA1]
Adam Kinzinger [R-IL11]

John Kline [R-MN2]
Doug Lamborn [R-CO5]
Leonard Lance [R-NJ7]
Thomas Latham [R-IA4]
Robert Latta [R-OH5]
Christopher Lee [R-NY26]

Daniel Lipinski [D-IL3]
Billy Long [R-MO7]
Blaine Luetkemeyer [R-MO9]
Daniel Lungren [R-CA3]
Donald Manzullo [R-IL16]
Kenny Marchant [R-TX24]

Michael McCaul [R-TX10]
Tom McClintock [R-CA4]
Thaddeus McCotter [R-MI11]
David McKinley [R-WV1]
Cathy McMorris Rodgers [R-WA5]
Candice Miller [R-MI10]

Jeff Miller [R-FL1]
Tim Murphy [R-PA18]
Randy Neugebauer [R-TX19]
Alan Nunnelee [R-MS1]
Pete Olson [R-TX22]
Ronald Paul [R-TX14]

Mike Pence [R-IN6]
Thomas Petri [R-WI6]
Ted Poe [R-TX2]
Mike Pompeo [R-KS4]
Phil Roe [R-TN1]
Harold Rogers [R-KY5]

Michael Rogers [R-AL3]
Michael Rogers [R-MI8]
Peter Roskam [R-IL6]
Dennis Ross [R-FL12]
Mike Ross [D-AR4]
Paul Ryan [R-WI1]

Steve Scalise [R-LA1]
Jean Schmidt [R-OH2]
Peter Sessions [R-TX32]
John Shimkus [R-IL19]
Heath Shuler [D-NC11]
William Shuster [R-PA9]

Christopher Smith [R-NJ4]
Lamar Smith [R-TX21]
Marlin Stutzman [R-IN3]
John Sullivan [R-OK1]
Lee Terry [R-NE2]
Glenn Thompson [R-PA5]

Frederick Upton [R-MI6]
Timothy Walberg [R-MI7]
Edward Whitfield [R-KY1]
Bill Young [R-FL10]
I mean to tell you, even Blake knows enough not to co-sponsor this bill!


Anonymous said...

Billy Long's pic should be on a billboard with the statement, "This is what your child could grow up to be". Then many more would be FOR abortion.

Busplunge said...

Anon 11:58 PM-- if you can't play nice you'll be sent to your room!

Anonymous said...

Poor Billy Long, the butt of so many jokes.

Horse-farmer said...

Our economy sucks, and the jerks we have in DC aren't trying to fix it, they are off on another tangent so they don't have to fix the economy.

Whose idea is this and how much has Billy been paid to support it?

An abortion is a woman's decision, along with her Doctor. Rowe vs Wade settled that. Now our elected officials and going to tie up the Supreme Court with more BS. By the way, is this the same bill that says it has to be "forcible rape" and "incest under 16"?


By the way, who paid for your MRI, the new coverage, or the insurance your wife paid for? Preexisting condition ok for Congress, not ok for average citizen.

Bill Long, all hat no brains


Anonymous said...

Who's Blake? Friend of Billy's?