Thursday, February 10, 2011

Charlie's plan hit a pothole....but Christmas is safe!

The talk a couple of days ago was about Charlie's plan to require drivers' license testing to be given in English only.

Well, that plan appears to have hit a bump in the road.

The Columbia Tribune's Rudi Keller reported yesterday that Charlie's "English-only driver test idea hits barriers".

The bill is popular among his constituents, Denison said.

But people who interact regularly with immigrants and insurance companies know it is a bad idea.

From Keller's story:

Richard Brownlee, a lobbyist who represents State Farm Insurance said the insurance industry doesn’t like the bill because it will mean more unlicensed drivers who have no insurance will be on the road.

“The idea that a person who doesn’t speak English wouldn’t understand road signs doesn’t make sense” because road safety signs have international designs, he said.

Other opponents saw it as a slap against hardworking immigrants.

“This bill would hurt refugees whom we, the state of Missouri, have promised we would welcome to build new lives in Missouri — they can’t do that without a driver’s license,” wrote the Rev. Chuck Tobin of St. Sabina Parish in Belton.

Tobin said he has done mission work abroad and knows how long it takes to learn a new language.

“In the meantime, to be successful, viable, healthy members of our community people need to be able to drive to church, to work, to school, to spend money in stores (grocery, malls, etc.), to doctors and hospitals etc.”

Attorney Angela Williams was more blunt.

“I am saddened by this bill and several others that have been introduced in the House and the undercurrent of hatred, intolerance and exclusion that seems to be sweeping our society. I fear if we do not take a stand against this type of blatant bigotry, one day we will wake up to find an America we do not recognize.”
Hear, hear.

Meanwhile, Charlie's bill, HB 198,
December twenty-fifth of each year shall be known and designated as "Christmas Day" in Missouri, and shall be set apart as a day in honor of the Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.
seems to have found kindred spirits down here in Southwest Missouri.

When he's not shilling for killing the property tax and replacing it with a sales tax (remember when he said "I do not like the idea of increasing sales taxes to accomplish the elimination of the income tax." I do.), Representative Eric Burlison is co-sponsoring his own version of the Christmas bill, HB 424:
The day after Thanksgiving Day until midnight December twenty-sixth of each year shall be known and is designated as the "Christmas Season" in Missouri.
How long before Melissa Leach jumps on this bandwagon?

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Anonymous said...

Popular among his constituents?

Charlie, do you mean the Second Baptists who have to endure your campaigning at church?

And, this is not your first nor the original dumb thought you have had.