Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Just how marxist is #hcr, Billy Long?


Anonymous said...

Billy Long is like the old Almond Joy/Mounds commercial. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. I can't really figure out where Congressman Long stands on the healthcare bill. He says he likes the major parts of it, and then he acts like he doesn't.

Busplunge said...

yeah, he's beginning to give me a headache.

Anonymous said...

The T Party/Republicans won't produce a budget and won't produce a "replace" bill for the health care reform bill passed by congress this past year. Not one we can read online as they've said.

They want Obama to hold their hands on the playground (so to speak) when they come out with a "bi-partisan" budget. They're too scared to let the American people SEE where all their mouth running is leading.

As for the "replace" bill --- it's a joke, they will never put one out there....for all the hootin' and hollarin' they ain't going to show their hand in this poker game for sure.

Pure cowards.

Anonymous said...

Politico is reporting the GOP has conceded that they will only be able to cut $32 ga-billion from the budget, not the $100 ga-billion they told supporters they would cut.

The lost the language fight in the redefine rape bill too.

Bad week for them. Let's hear them run their mouths some more.

I can't wait to hear their spin on this one, I'm sure the spin masters are pissed.