Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is Billy's new BFF?

From Miracle Reports, "The National Center for Reporting and Investigating Miracles":

Some time ago, Dr. Robert O'Block, founder of the Society for the Cure of Souls, discovered the WatchWORD BIBLE video series produced by WatchWORD Worldwide. After viewing the series, Dr. O'Block was inspired by the program's innovative and effective method of broadcasting the word of God to viewers. Enthusiastic about the program and its mission, he contacted Jim Fitzgerald, developer of the series. Through their interactions, he learned that Fitzgerald's mission was to provide the series to Muslims living in Arabic nations and all over the world. To do this, Fitzgerald would need the assistance of Arabic translators to interpret the WatchWORD BIBLE series and express the Biblical teachings of the series in the Arabic language. He would also require financial support to get his project underway.

While driving on a road he didn't normally travel, Dr. O'Block noticed a church set on a beautiful hill. It was called Immanuel Lutheran Church. The church, small, white, and simple, was perched in an idyllic setting surrounded by mature trees and green lawns. He felt drawn to the church, and diverted his route in order to drive into its parking lot.

After parking his car behind the small building, He entered the church and found the doors open. He called out, and got a response from a small office inside the building.

There he found Vincent Will, pastor of the church, studying in his tiny office filled to near bursting with books that were stacked from floor to ceiling.*

Dr. O'Block felt compelled to discuss the WatchWORD BIBLE series he had discovered earlier with him. During their discussions, Dr. O'Block mentioned the important mission that Fitzgerald, the developer of the series, had embarked on, to provide the New Testament via satellite broadcast to Muslim nations.

Pastor Will was intrigued by Fitzgerald's mission and decided he wanted to help. He drove from Springfield, Missouri to Oklahoma to meet with an elderly retired oilman he knew to discuss the project. He believed this Christian man would be happy to provide financial support for Fitzgerald's project, and he was correct. This gentleman, who was in declining health, took action and agreed to support Fitzgerald's mission in any way he could. He happily pledged substantial financial support to help Fitzgerald get his project underway.

Fitzgerald now had the means necessary to embark on what would become one of the most important missions of his life. He contracted the work of Arabic translators, and the project was officially in operation.

Dr. O'Block is proud to see the great progress the WatchWORD BIBLE series is making in Arabic nations across the globe.

* Pastor Vincent Will, former pastor for Immanuel Lutheran Church in Springfield, Missouri, has passed away. However, his wife Eunice Will still volunteers much of her time at Immanuel Lutheran.

Readers interested in Biblical-based counseling or spiritual direction and those who are already engaged in Biblical counseling are encouraged to join The Society for the Cure of Souls, a professional organization of Christian Spiritual Directhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifors and Biblical Counselors. It is also recommended that you refer to the book The 7 Steps to the Cure of Souls, written by Robert L. OBlock. For more information, to join The Society for the Cure of Souls, or to purchase a copy of The 7 Steps to the Cure of Souls, visit The Society for the Cure of Souls website at www.cureofsouls.com.
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Sara said...

Thats pretty funny that the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security steals pictures from istockphoto for use on their website... lol They didn't even try to photoshop out the water mark over the ship!

bus rider said...

Read this.

Anonymous said...


First off-is that photo Doc O'Block himself? Sounds like an alias to me.

This is bizarro and convoluted.

Clearly Branson is hosting a group of bogus organizations out to make a buck off the suckers born every minute. What a fitting venue-even has a paramilitary thread running through it.

Because of the O'Block connection, Billy gets a plum spot on Homeland Security in Congress?

Was this planned, as in, this is what Billy wanted, or Blunt wanted for him? And why?

Because Billy's base would think it was cool? Is there money in it for Billy, directly or indirectly, through this Branson gig?

The interview Billy gave to the phony baloney homeland security group was off putting-scary-weird.

I mean, this guy knows jack diddly and he's pretending he has even a clue about national security in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Why oh why is there no hotline to a competent investigative journalist in the third largest city in MO?


Anonymous said...

"Why oh why is there no hotline to a competent investigative journalist in the third largest city in MO?"

Well, there's Jim Lee.

word verification-- potty!

KathyG said...

Was I seeing right on the website? I could swear it was all written in latin. What is the purpose in doing that?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have qualified "newspaper" journalist...without the stellar bloggers we'd be SOL.


Anonymous said...

"lorem ipsum" is used as a space filler on documents and websites that have no real text or well, anything. It is meant to define the font, text size, etc.
It is usually a section by Cicero but with words misspelled and altered meanings.
The term 'lorem ipsum' can be loosely translated to 'pain itself'. Kinda like the website it was on ;)