Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Is this why Billy flew to DC when he said, "They won't let me fly"?

From a February 4, 2010 story in the SN-L, Fractured Foot Hobbles Long:

Rep. Billy Long is hobbling around these days.

The new congressman, who met Friday afternoon in Springfield with parents and other relatives of people with juvenile diabetes, was quizzed on the walking cast on his right foot.

"I'm styling," Long said. "I went skiing, and I forgot to take my boots off."

It turns out Long has been walking around for months with fractured bones in his foot. X-rays didn't show anything, but he had an MRI which revealed the broken bones. Long said he injured his foot during a parade.He gave out autographed copies of the Constitution and posed for pictures with members of the group in front of the office window bearing his name.

Long said the snowy weather doesn't bother him because he has a four-wheel drive, but he can't drive now because of his foot.

"They won't let me drive in this boot, and they won't let me fly," he said.
Again, with the ambiguous "They".

Who is they? Is "they" doctors? Billy seems to imply that, that "they" refers to doctors. But if it does, why doesn't he just say "doctors"?

So we were wondering how Billy would make it to Washington this week if he couldn't fly up there-- you know, because "they won't let me fly."

Follow the money.

Billy had a fund raiser tonight, limited to five people, at $2,000 a pop for co-hosts.

Ten grand for a meeting over drinks at the Capitol Club.

Of course he's gonna fly up there.

personal to tea party members: Why aren't you mad as hell at Billy for his vote on the Patriot Act?

this from Neosho "Republicans must be proud":
The big Tea Party names, Michele Bachmann, Kristi Noem, Allen West, voted to pass the authorization. Billy Long voted to pass it. Only eight Republicans first elected in 2010 voted nay. The Teabagger Contingent doesn't get the cred for opposing Big Gummint overreach.The defecting Republicans include a lot of guys who have been opposing this stuff for years (Paul, Broun, Young, Duncan, Jones, Rohrabacher). In 2010 64% of dems voted for it and this year only 34% voted for it. While pubs still vote ~86% yay each year. Those numbers are enough to pass it under normal rules.

Teabaggers don't care. The Patriot Act dying does nothing to prevent them from having to pay for poor black people's welfare baby doctor visits.

Remember, government in health care = bad, government roving wiretaps = A-OK.

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Timeshare Jake said...

Many of the Tea Party people I have spoken with are mad at Billy Long and the other Missouri Republicans who voted for more intrusive and bigger government with their vote for the Patriot Act. This is going to fuel the Tea Party as an official political party in Missouri.