Saturday, February 05, 2011

Billy: Put your money where your mouth is.

"Cowboy boots are often chosen for what they say about their wearer rather than for comfort." Washington Post, May 8, 2007.

The Springfield News-Leader's Sarah Okeson has the story:

Rep. Billy Long is hobbling around these days.

The new congressman, who met Friday afternoon in Springfield with parents and other relatives of people with juvenile diabetes, was quizzed on the walking cast on his right foot.

"I'm styling," Long said. "I went skiing, and I forgot to take my boots off."

It turns out Long has been walking around for months with fractured bones in his foot. X-rays didn't show anything, but he had an MRI which revealed the broken bones. Long said he injured his foot during a parade.

Jessica Hickok, who has type 1 diabetes, and others from the local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation told Long they want his support for funding for research about diabetes. Foundation officials are meeting with new members of Congress

Billy Long fractured his foot in a parade during the campaign. It wasn't until three months later, when he got on the government healthcare plan that he gets it fixed. Hmm, is this a pre-existing condition? Didn't he vote to repeal that law? He told us during the debates he had health insurance. It looks like the gov't health insurance is better than the plan he had.

Then Billy passes out autographed copies of the constitution (did he get them from the heritage foundation?) Is this to be his 'gimmick', his 'hook', I am reminded of Ralph Manley passing out Eisenhower dollar coins.

Long passed business cards around to the group and suggested that they have the Washington, D.C.-based chapter of the foundation call on him in Washington.

"Just call my scheduler up there," he said. Sort of like "let's do lunch sometime" and "I'm Fed up and no earmarks!"

If Billy really was sincere in assisting these people, he would have pulled out his checkbook right then, and signed the front of a hefty check made out to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

His first weeks in Congress show him to be a media hound who seeks publicity. This is is his first 'public appearance' in Springfield since he's been in congress and it is a soft-ball appearance.

I hate to say this, but I think Billy just used this meeting as an excuse for a photo op. The HCR bill Billy voted to repeal should have told you he was just going through the motions

Long campaigned to cut government spending. He wasted this groups by giving false hope. He didn't waste his time because he got another story about him to add to his scrapbook.

BTW, I am a retired public school teacher on a fixed income. I just made a donation to JDRF via the internet in tribute to Billy Long.

Billy, put your money where your mouth is.


Anonymous said...

Parade my ass, Billy broke his foot running away from those bloggers who he's afraid of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up-with the new format I've been missing SN-L news articles, and there isn't much to spare as you know.

And yes, I did post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, call Billy's scheduler... the same idiot that had Billy meeting with a lobbyist instead of being on the floor reading the constitution.

Billy you are a bigger fool than the guy you replaced.

And now you are passing out signed copies of it! What a joke, a hypacritical (sp) fool.

My word verify sums it up



Anonymous said...

Exactly what I said in an earlier post. He waited for that govn't health care to get his foot fixed.

He would deny the rest of us?

I'll campaign against this fool for sure.