Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can Billy Long be trusted with state secrets?

Do we WANT to trust "Call me Billy" with state secrets?
Congressman-elect "Call me Billy" Long has been in Washington D.C. attending freshman orientation and, as the Kansas City Star puts it, it was a bit like walking into high school on the first day.

"Call me Billy" has been busy, his tweets and cellphone photos flowing at a rapid pace to his followers in Twitterland and to his SWMO comrades at the SN-L (not me, it's is now day 9 since "call me Billy" blocked me from following him on twitter).

"Call me Billy" is tweeting about his activities and taking photos of people and places. All of this seems pretty much what one would expect from someone who has never visited the Capitol before, much less been elected to office. He is tweeting the places he's been and the people he's met and his impressions of D.C.

Based on the photos "Call me Billy" sent to his comrades at the SN-L, including one with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I thought "Call me Billy" was laying the groundwork to be a leading consensus building in Washington.

He told us all election season how "Fed Up" he was, maybe this would be his niche in D.C., consensus builder. Read the previous post Is Billy Long the new consensus builder?

I Think I may have been wrong.

Sandwiched between his tweets about taking photographs of a French lady and speaking on an unsecure phone, his accounts of eating John Boehner's birthday cake and of the spread Nancy Pelosi put on, are tweets and photographs of a more disturbing note.

Is this the photo of a guy who we want to entrust with state secrets? (Alex Brandon photo)
He can't even keep the existence of a double secret members only meeting room a secret.

In an e-mail Long sent to his SWMO comrades at the SN-L, he included a photo of the "Siena Marble Fireplace from Double Secret Members Only Reading Room @ Library of Congress"

Not only that, He's tweeting that he's got the secret code to the chapel, fer cryin' out loud!

He's telling us when they vote in secret!
And what color secret ballots they use!
He's telling us he's got the secret access codes for his Government issued Cellphone!
He's telling us about the secret meeting places in the Capitol!
And just like those spies in a John Grisham novel, he's telling us he's gonna hide the secret messages in flowers or candy!

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The secret room looks demonic.