Thursday, November 11, 2010

Congressman-elect "Call me Billy" Long has blocked me from following his tweets.

I hope this is not an indication of how he's going to be treating those of us who are his constituents.


Timeshare Jake said...

Jim, myself and bunch of others, including Eli Yokely (I think) have also been blocked, which is ironic considering the new text on the Billy Long for Congress Web site:

Thank You!

I want to thank all the many people who supported my campaign. Without the involvement of everyone who took the time to donate, volunteer, and vote we would not have had such a successful election. Now we begin the task of governing and your help will be no less important. I am humbled at this opportunity to represent the people of Southwest Missouri and look forward to carrying your thoughts, values, and beliefs to Washington.

Not to Jim, Billy Long has decided not to carry your thoughts, values, and beliefs to Washington.

Anonymous said...

"Brazil tests literacy of clown elected to Congress."

Perhaps the United States should adopt the Brazilian standards and test the literacy of Billy 'Bozo' Long.

Anonymous said...

The tweet blocking was authorized by Royce Reding who will be an insider in the Billy Long 7th District congressional office administration.

When contacted, Reding will probably say, "no comment'.

Horse-farmer said...

how do i get to be on billys tweety tweety thing?

I always thought you guys were talking about that little bird in the cage when you said tweety this and tweety that


see i can be as smart as billy..... only I admit I don't know squat about tweeting