Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Billy Long Question 4 - The Free Market: how do you keep a free market free?

This video is question 4 in a series of interviews between Billy Long and Sarah Steelman

Sarah Steelman and Billy Long didn't want you to see this video. They quickly removed it from YouTube once word spread about just how stupid both these politicians looked on free trade. The Republican party holds both these candidates in high regard. Yet neither one of them have a clue what they are talking about. During the next two years, we must work to find leaders who want to serve who are qualified--not a pretty face and deep pockets with catchy campaign phrases like Fed UP.


Anonymous said...

What was his class rank at Greenwood?

I believe Sarah is going for the naughty schoolgirl look.

Anonymous said...

Still another must see video. Start at the 9:45 mark http://tiny.cc/08m9z

Anonymous said...

I just now understood his reference to sweaters.

Long said when his mom was cold, he got the sweater.

Meaning, his mom was cold so she assumed he was cold too and gave him a sweater.

or something like that.

Anonymous said...

He is undoubtedly the dumbest congressman we will ever have if elected. She is only a cat hair behind him in intellegence, her "specialty" (whore) was well known when she was in the House. Well, well known.

Surely these republicans know better than to offer this idiot up as someone fit to serve in the US House.

Good God almighty.

Anonymous said...

which one is dumber than a mud post? BOTH are!!

Busplunge said...

Goodness gracious sakes alive!

What a comment!

Busplunge said...

Compare and contrast this Long/Steelman interview with this townhall meeting from July 1975

Anonymous said...

If he buttoned his top button, his tiny brain would squeeze out his ears.