Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Billy Long the new consensus builder?

In the November 16 SN-L story, New class takes on capitol, two pictures with the credit line "submitted photo" were attached to the story.

One was the photo below with the actual SN-L caption: Billy and Barbara Long with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (right) Monday. (Submitted Photo)

The other photo and caption:
Billy Long with the bust of Champ Clark, of Missouri, Speaker of the House from 1911-1919. (Submitted Photo)

I left the following comment on that story:
I also posted a blog piece on the photo.

At the time I wrote that comment and posted the blog piece I didn't know who submitted those two photos. I knew that they were not professional photos and that they were apparently taken with a cell phone camera.

Then, this comment appeared in reply to my question:
Billy Long submitted that photo to the SN-L!

WTF? It seemed like every other word out of Long's mouth during the campaign was how he wasn't going to let Obama, Pelosi and Reed cram stuff down his throat, how he was fighting to protect us from Nancy Pelosi, how she was a symbol of everything that is wrong with Washington. He even used her photo in his campaign commercial he called "Doing the right thing".

Then, when the paper asks Long to submit some photos for the paper, of all the photos Long took, he submits a photo of him with Nancy Pelosi!

What is he trying to tell us? Or maybe he took Stoeffler's comments made in a Sunday column to heart :

It would help if people started by accepting each other at face value: Instead of questioning the motives of every politician, let's start from the assumption people are doing and saying things that actually reflect their beliefs.

Then, let's reward the consensus-builders, the people willing to reach out and work with the other side
And that in submitting this photograph of him with Nancy Pelosi as a sign that Long will be at the front of the line of consensus-builders.

And, if that is the case, Congressman-elect "Call me Billy" is indeed, a changed man!

Will you let me follow you on Twitter now?

Hold your horses, I say Hold your horses!

This just in, Billy's sent more photos to the newspaper! Why the guy's becoming a regular photo-journalist. When will he get his union card?

Billy's latest photo include this picture of him and John Boehner:
Billy's newest hideout: the double secret reading room for members only(think they got a big couch?):And, knowing that being "FED UP" is a big part of Billy's world, Billy sent this photo of a DC hamburger:
How long do you think it will be before Billy has new dish named after him at the Metro?:

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Anonymous said...

Colonel (don't call me congressman) Long pulled a good one on us. He has been out of the serious levels of public discussion for several weeks so he decided to send some photos to get us talking about him again.

That wascal wabbit.