Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why democrats lost

Special to the Joplin Globe by Rita Cromwell of Diamond, MO:

To vote for a Democratic Party candidate is to vote for the anti-God, anti-life and anti-family intrinsically evil Democratic Party’s platform.

That platform is:

* Pro-abortion which includes unborn, partial birth and failed live birth babies.

* Pro-homosexual.

* Pro-embryonic stem-cell research in which human embryos (the tiniest of humans) are killed for health care research.

The entire Obama administration invests in and authorizes the culture of death and depopulation not only here in the United States but worldwide. Obama’s administration is aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic.

Obama, his administrative henchmen and barrage of unelected socialistic “czars” have done the following:

* Taken over America’s health care at the mercy of unelected government bureaucrat.

* Disregard and belittle the Constitution of the United States.

* Confiscated much of the auto industry.

* Force amnesty for illegal immigrants by disregarding the citizenship process.

* Promoted militant Islamic “kill the infidels” religion under the guise of tolerance and diversity.

* Nationalized much of America’s banking system.

* Continued his insane multitrillion- dollar indebtedness.

* Caused more joblessness which could be mitigated by imposing tariffs on foreign goods and services. Therefore free trade and welfare abuses could be mitigated.

* Appointed radical federal judges with the power to help make his socialistic revolution permanent.

This forthcoming Nov. 2 election is absolutely critical for our national survival, sovereignty and most importantly moral direction under God’s 10 holy commandments.

“Never give in my death brothers, never admit defeat, keep on working at the Lord’s work always, knowing that in the Lord you cannot be laboring in vain.”

1 Corinthians 15:58.

Rita Crowell



Anonymous said...

How can a single mind contain so much toxic waste and still function?

Get over it - you won.

Horse-farmer said...


didn't the wall st bailout start under the baby bush reign???

or maybe the debt of two wars, again under baby bush reign???

But some of the same was said about JFK, only he was catholic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rita. Now go back to your meth lab.