Thursday, November 04, 2010

Congressman-elect Billy Long gets mention in Washington Post -- Our "smack-talking auctioneer" is the lede!

From today's Washington Post comes this story on the mid-term elections: Huge midterm turnover makes House more of an everyman's roost
Our newly elected congressman is mentioned in the first paragraph:

To see how Tuesday's midterm rout will change the face of Congress, look no farther than the Bible Belt of southwest Missouri. Voters there replaced Rep. Roy Blunt, a savvy insider, with Billy Long, a smack-talking auctioneer with no college degree but a pithy slogan: "Fed Up."

Vicki Hartzler gets a mention also:
And two of the GOP's new rising starts are proud prairie women.
Vicky Hartzler, who toppled longtime Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), is a former home economics teacher who raises corn, soybeans and cattle on a family farm. She published "Running God's Way," a step-by-step guide for Christian political candidates.


Timeshare Jake said...

Proud prairie woman? That sounds like a sequel song to the horrible Lionel Richie song Deep River Woman.

Anonymous said...

Next will be political cartoons with Billy Junior Samples running around in overhauls barefoot.

Every time MO gets the worst political press ever, it just keeps on coming.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting, however Ike was there 33 years, way too long for anyone. He needed to go, besides he voted Republican most of the time, it's not like Dems could count on him.

My dad used to say a southern democrat was like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. They usually will vote with the Republicans. ('Member Sam Nunn from Georgia?)

How true.

If the Dems didn't want to lose they should have challenged Ike from within. But see, when someone is on the public dole for 33 years in Congress it is almost impossible to do that.

I'm a Dem and glad he's gone. I just wish it hadn't been a nut that replaced him.