Thursday, November 04, 2010

1st trip to leaf dump

First trip to the leaf dump.

In July, I bought this dump bed from a guy in central Illinois. I borrowed my brother's flatbed trailer, drove up, got it and brought it home.

I had a blow out on his trailer near Washington. Luckily I found a tire at Orschelin that on was on sale for $115.00.

Finally this past week I finished up the truck.

The green bed is out of Sara's barn and sitting in Tom's front field with a for sale sign on it.

The dump bed works great as these pictures show.

Here is tale of the B's Nest truck.


Anonymous said...

That gives 'take a dump' a whole new meaning. Slick truck.

d5thouta5 said...

glad you were finally able to get the bed on the truck....nice to know it works too....good looking rig Jim....upon reviewing the original blog about it's history, to you, it is hard to believe it is the same truck....besides, a dump bed is always favorable over a flat bed.........

Sara said...

Thats pretty sweet Dad!

longrooffan said...

hey Bus...that is another dang good looking combination you have on the "B's Nest" truck!