Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Repeal what, exactly?

From David Frum (remember him? I do.):

Some Republicans advocate "defunding" -- refusing to appropriate the money necessary to get reform operating. And yes, you can certainly imagine that Republicans might refuse to fund the new agencies created by health care reform. But will Republicans refuse to fund -- for example -- the huge expansion of prescription drug coverage for seniors? I'll believe that when I see it. More likely, the Republicans will harry, vex, and annoy the Obama administration -- but leave the main elements of the Democratic plan to trundle forward.

But if there is no compromise, there can be no negotiations. And if there are no negotiations, there can be no fixes -- because every important fix requires the concurrence of the Senate and the president.

Republican leaders know that. They know that their strategy for the next two years will not fix health care reform, nor much change it.

Compel the administration to defend (the healthcare bill). McConnell outlines a strategy for doing what political professionals would call drawing a contrast. It's a strategy that has as its immediate goal winning the next election, not improving the bill.

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Anonymous said...

"The top Republican and Democrat on President Obama's bipartisan deficit reduction commission introduced an ambitious draft proposal Wednesday to slash the nation's deficit by by $4 trillion over ten years, but both chairmen conceded that the focus is more on starting a national debate rather than actually accomplishing legislative action this year."

Start a national debate? Horsehockey! This thing can be debated for the next fifty years and we will only be deeper in the crapper, if we even exist.

Just do it! Put 100% in place. These folks did what President Obama asked them to do. They identified ways to cut spending. There is not a member of the current or next Congress with the depth of knowledge from their own studies to make any type of recommendtions. Billy Long is a perefect example and his handlers damn sure don't have the capacity to help him.

So, go with the ones in the know and use these recommendations as the beginning.

Our grandchildren will thank us for it. Unless they are needy, greedy little shits.

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