Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Billy Long -- he's a changed man since he got elected. but is he still "FED UP"?

That was then:
November 9, 2009: 7th Congressional Hopeful Billy Long appeared on the Morning News Watch as he continues a successful campaign to take Roy Blunt's old seat. This is the part where he responds to Josh Marsh who says, "I don't trust you."

This is now:

November 7, 2010, Springfield News Leader, New representative wants everyone to 'call me Billy':

This is coming from the man who owns Billy Long Auctions and has a one-third share in one of Springfield's largest real estate companies -- two businesses that House ethics rules dictate he might have to sell or liquidate.

"I see their point, but it's very unfortunate because it discourages that many more businesspeople from running for Congress," Long said, admitting that when he learned he would have to sever ties with his auction company, he had second thoughts.

"I had about a 10-day period of remorse," he said. "Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to sell what I've worked for 30 years?"

In the end, Long decided to push on.

"As a practical matter, you can't run a business like an auction company while you're in Washington. So whether they force me to or not, I'm going to have to liquidate," he said, acknowledging that the $174,000 annual salary for House members may end up being a pay cut.

November 16, 2009 Springfield News-Leader, New class takes on Capitol:
Long said he got information on how to liquidate his businesses -- an auction house and a one-third ownership in a real estate company. He plans to talk with the House ethics staff to get more specifics. Under House rules, House members can't own businesses that buy or sell products or services.

November 16, 2010 Springfield Business Journal,
"I'm not saying I agree with the rules, but I will abide by them." —U.S. Rep. Billy Long, on having to sell his auction company before taking office.
Long knew that he would have to sell or put in a blind trust (as Mel Hancock did with his business--say, how'd that work out for you, Mel?) prior to November, 2009. For him to act like this is new to him is disingenuous. Quit your whining Billy, it's not becoming of you.

That was then:
August 26, 2010: Billy Long to Nick Reed, KSGF radio transcript:
I don’t run to a microphone every time one’s offered and I don’t jump in front of a camera every time one’s offered and I’m not gonna try this thing in the media. I’m not gonna, you know, if they want to build their, I would like to get what we’re doing right now, I have become the story.

October 3, 2010, Springfield News-Leader,Long touts his success to turn out November vote:
"I don't run to a microphone every time it's offered, I don't run to a TV camera every time it's offered," said Long.

Some commentators have alleged Long is missing in action --or even hiding --because he hasn't posted much of a campaign schedule on his website, and he has sent out few news releases about his appearances. But he has been making regular appearances, which he reports on his Twitter account.

The News-Leader asked Long staff to be informed when Long would be making radio appearances or other general appearances open to the public, but received no notifications from the campaign other than one press release about Long's business tour.

This is now:
November 17, 2010, Billy Long's Auctnr1 twitter feed:
To schedule Media interviews call 417.88FEDUP & ask for Nick to schedule about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web
I am unable to get a screen shot of this tweet because my representative has blocked me from following his tweets. So much for constituent service.
That was then: Billy Long campaign commercial, August, 2010, Doing the right thing:
We can’t expect to change Washington D.C. unless we’re willing to change the type of people we’re willing to send to Washington.

I’m not going to Washington to scratch other people’s backs. You have my word on that.

I’ll go to Washington and fight to get this country back on track.

I may not look the part, but I’ll do the right thing for the right reasons everyday I’m there.

I’m Billy Long and I approve this message and if you’re fed up with politicians in Washington and their cronies I would truly appreciate your vote.

This is now:
Billy Long's Twitter entries, November 15-17, 2010:
Eating John Boehner's Birthday cake on the day we elected him Speaker of the House for 112th Congress. about 5 hours ago via Mobile Web

Getting ready to vote for Speaker of the House. John Boehner - nominated & seconded about 7 hours ago via Mobile Web

Mike Pence said 'I was Tea Party before the Tea Party was cool' - where have I heard that before? : ) about 9 hours ago via Mobile Web

Pence wasn't afraid of Media when he hit town due to background on air - me neither. I was on CNN w/ Dana Bash, The Hill & Wa-Po first day about 9 hours ago via Mobile Web

Leader Boehner & his Wife Debbie have have been delightful to Barbara and me. Library of Congress has Barnes & Noble beat by a notch or two! 6:34 PM Nov 16th via Mobile Web

Now at a fabulous dinner hosted by Eric Cantor at Library of Congress - our newly elected class seems to be gelling well - results oriented 5:17 PM Nov 16th via Mobile Web

Good thing @kevinomccarty made me sit on the front row yesterday- Photo & quote on Page C-9 in today's Washington Post (Wa-Po to U DC Types) 5:53 AM Nov 16th via Mobile Web

Due to inclement weather our Class Photo has been postponed- all dressed up & no where to go- oh well 2 more days to decide hat/no hat 4 pic 4:47 AM Nov 16th via Mobile Web
Yes, important issues, hat/no hat. But is he still "FED UP"?

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