Monday, November 01, 2010

Zel Fischer, Missouri Supreme Court Judge up for retention

From Joe Ortwerth's Missouri Family Policy Council, "a voice for truth for Missouri's families" Jeff City Update:

Missouri voters will decide on Tuesday whether to retain Supreme Court Justice Zel Fischer on the state's highest court. Should voters approve his retention, Fischer would serve for another 12 years on the Missouri Supreme Court.
Fischer was appointed in 2008 by Governor Matt Blunt. Under Missouri's Non-Partisan Court Plan, Supreme Court and Appellate Court Judges are not chosen in contested elections. They are appointed by the Governor from a list of names submitted by a nominating panel. The judges must then be approved for retention for a twelve-year term in a statewide vote.

Judge Fischer previously served as an associate circuit judge in Atchison County. He is a member of First Baptist Church of Tarkio, and has been active with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Judge Fischer recently provided a candid presentation of his convictions and worldview during a speech before the Missouri Baptist Convention. Due to the remarkably wise and inspirational nature of Judge Fischer's remarks, we share a portion of them here.

"My vision for America is that we recognize that our present crisis is not merely economic and political, but moral in nature. At the root of these times should be the realization that people in positions of authority have walked away from some timeless truths---honesty, integrity, and a hard day's work for an honest day's pay, and the simple notion that you ought to treat your neighbor the way you treat yourself."

"My belief is that this nation will not be restored with public policy alone. I believe what's going to be required is public virtue. So while it's OK to commit and focus on our nation's financial situation, we must re-commit to protect innocent life and traditional family values, and secure religious freedom."

"Our forefathers worshipped a very big God, and they knew that our God is an awesome God, and He not only reigns in heaven but He reigns on this earth, and He's here today. So the time has come to take a respectful stand. We must not be timid to pursue with all strength but in a dignified manner what has always been the source of America's greatness--our faith in God and our religious freedom."

Please pray for Judge Zel Fischer that he will receive the favorable consideration of Missouri voters in Tuesday's election.
A lawyer friend once told me "there can never be too many liberals on the Supreme Court."

I'm keeping that in mind when I vote whether to retain this guy or not.


Anonymous said...

A prayer for God's political intervention. George Carlin is rolling in his grave-so many missed one-liners.

Thanks for the heads up.

Will pass it on.


Anonymous said...

I just voted to boink this guy. I guessed right.


Unknown said...

Seperation of church and state!!! You may have just ruined it for this guy by posting his and your one sided religious views.