Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blunt: "No Comment"

This afternoon I went down to the media event mentioned in this post.

I went down there thinking I might have an opportunity to ask Representative Blunt his opinion on how the stimulus package was benefiting Springfield, MO. A fair question I thought, since today was the 1st anniversary of the bill, Representative Blunt voted against the bill and here he was touring a project that was funded by the stimulus act.
I arrived early or the program was running late, choose one or the other. It was cold. Blunt arrived and my camera quit working, I guess the battery was too cold but I was using the PvtRN's Nikon and I am not an expert on that. I spent way too much time trying to get the camera to work and I missed a window of opportunity to ask Representative Blunt the questions I had wanted to ask.

I will tell you this, though. Those EPA guys are quick, they wanted to know who I was- specifically was I media. I identified myself as Jim Lee, I write a political blog. They left me alone.

Blunt got in the van and went off on a tour of the area as planned. Everybody else went upstairs in the elevator. The KY3 guy asked if I got to ask my question, I said no, I missed it but maybe you'll ask it.

I hung around outside and waited for the van Blunt was in to return.

As Representative Blunt disembarked from the van and started up the steps, I snapped the image leading off this post.

We nodded at each other, he smiled for the camera and I identified myself and asked him if he would care to comment about how President Obama's stimulus package was benefiting Springfield.

"No comment," said Representative Blunt.

Springfield received over $500,000 for this project, how do you think this benefited Springfield I asked again.

He stopped as he got ready to enter the elevator and told me I had the wrong project. The project out at the waste treatment plant received stimulus money, not this one.

No sir, I said, the EPA released a press release last August announcing over $500,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus money) going to the Brownfield Program.

"No comment," said Representative Blunt as he entered the elevator and the doors closed.


Branson Missouri said...

Way to follow up. It's too bad your camera didn't work.

After years of doing this I've learned simpler is better. Bring a super cheap camera for video with decent audio.

Battery Car Charger, Sets of backedup recharchable batteries, mini stand and backup microchips. Laptop is also helpful!

Busplunge said...

But wait, there's more!

Sky Girl said...

Way to go! Wish I could have been standing there watching you go after him. No comment indeed!

Jack said...

"You are being a big meanie-head blogger by playing gotcha politics." At least that's what I imagine a former Springfield blogger commenting about this post if he were still here.

Personally, I'm glad the facts are out there. The stimulus is doing things in this economy. Teachers, police and fire have jobs because of it. My employer is open about how the stimulus has saved jobs that would have been cut ... period. And we are preping for the day (not to distant future) when the stimulus money won't be there and we will have to cut jobs.

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't respond by asking if you've ever had an abortion.

And my word verification here is "suckee".

Gotta start my own blog...


Anonymous said...

Well, done! I noticed KY3 even pointed out that Blunt was making his comments during a tour of a facility paid for by stimulus money.

The CDM said...

It's this kind of gotcha politics that brings a gleeful tear to my eye.

I approve.

The CDM said...

Jack - This is how the bus "spins the axis".